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About the CO Sports Chick

Me and Champion's Cup

Me and NLL Champion's Cup


I’m a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to the local Denver sports teams, which is probably why I’m still single (but that’s another discussion).  Some hints that clued me into my condition: 

  • My friends call me up for updates on local Denver sports teams happenings instead of searching the internet.
  • I got so excited when the Nuggets traded AI for Chauncey that I called up one of my buddies THAT day and told him that the Nuggets would go to the Western Conference Finals in 2008/09 but lose to the Lakers.  Wish I had been wrong about the Finals. 
  • I have pictures of me with the Stanley Cup and Champion’s Cup (NLL).
  • As an alum of CU, my true love is the Ralphie and the Buffs.  I loath the Fuskers and any Big 12 South team.  I remember when the Foam Dome was loud, packed, served beer and the Buffs went undefeated in the conference at home.  I also drove 3,000 miles over Christmas break to go home, down to the Orange Bowl to watch CU win the National Championship and back to Boulder.
  • The first hockey game I saw live was at the old drafty field house on the DU campus before Avs were a twinkle in Stan’s eyes. 
  • Been a fan of the Rockos since they were born and will be until I die.  Watched an opening day game in my snowboarding jacket when it started blowing snow sideways and the concessionaires ran out of hot chocolate. 
  • I know what day you can go to a Rapids game with your dog.
  • I actually know who the Outlaws are and that some players are also employed by the Mammoth.  I take extra socks to Mammoth games in case 6 goals are scored by one player.
  • I shook John Elway’s hand and got his autograph at a Crush open house and am a proud owner of an orange championship cap.

Of course, with all this knowledge comes opinions – very strong opinions.  I have something to say on just about anything going on with our local sports teams, thus the reason you are reading about this crazy sports fanatic chick online.  This is where I get to pontificate and hope someone out in the vast spaces of the internet will read what I have to say and share their opinion too.


One Response to “About the CO Sports Chick”

  1. RJ said

    I hadn’t seen your Sports Chick bio before. Very nice. And yes, bring back the beer sales in Folsom Field! Nothing says college football in Colorado better than your beer freezing in its cup during a night game in October! Remember that one?

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