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Turn Off Melo-drama and Tune Into Nugs

Posted by The Minkster on September 30, 2010

I’m already tired of hearing about Melo deals and if this past summer is any indication it’s just getting started, so I’m focusing on the three hop along amigos, Smooth and the youngster Ty.  After a disappointing early playoff exit I’m actually looking forward to this year.  No matter whether Melo stays or goes I think the Nuggets are looking at another post season appearance.

Kmart is a dominating player when he’s focused and healthy.  That stretch last year before his annual injury put him on the bench was fun to watch.  Who doesn’t like some in your face smack down playing from the hometown rebel?  Birdman wasn’t the same at all last year, so hopefully the problems were lasered, cut or repaired so he can fly free again.  Not sure what Nene has been doing this summer, but if he is healthy and strong Karl will get him back on track.  Don’t forget about big Al who we picked up a few months ago and I think Balkman is primed for a breakout year.

On to the little guys to which I can relate.  We have a good bunch of ball handlers and shooters that will be hard for any team to cover.  Billups is back in the Mile High City fresh off his gold medal victory at the FIFA’s this summer.  Ty has a new shooting motion that he’s been working on all summer, so looking forward to some big games from him this year.  Afflalo should get some significant playing time and have a big season under Karl’s tutelage.  And last but not least there is JR with his insane lights out shooting that I love to see, but the coaches hate. 

Should be a fun year to catch a Nugs game and if the Melo circus can be kept out in the old Cirque de Sole tent this team has a chance to finish two or three in the West.  Keep your eyes on the Pepsi Center court and earplugs in your ears for another fun ride.


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Helton Deserves to Wear Purple Pinstripes

Posted by The Minkster on September 29, 2010

The Denver Post today confirmed that Todd Helton plans on being back in a Rockies uniform next year and finishing out his contract extension through 2012.  Although he has had recurring back problems Helton is still a better first baseman defensively than most guys out there, which really makes a difference when you got a rotisserie at second and a cannon blasting at you from short.  The Toddster was also putting some wood to the ball earlier in the season before he started to experience back pain again.   

Helton isn’t valuable to the team because he can hit 50 dingers each season, but for the defense, work ethic, team commitment and good at-bats that he brings to the table.  I know most baseball fans don’t even think the game has a defensive strategic side, but most of it’s so subtle the average hot dog eating, beer swilling, scalped outfield ticket sitting guy doesn’t even know it’s happening.  Do you realize that the Rockies broke the team fielding record  

Todd Helton

Todd watching another one fly out of the park


during the miracle 2007 season?  Defense along with hitting and pitching wins games, which is why Todd still a valuable everyday starter in Colorado.  

One last note before I jump off my soapbox and have a Scooby snack, Vladimir Guerrero is the only major leaguer (with a minimum of 12 years under his belt) to have hit over .300 more often than Helton during his MLB career.  Vlady started his career full-time in 1997 for the Expos and has a .300 or better batting average every year since except 2009 when he hit .295.  His fielding percentage average as an outfielder over 12 years as a regular defensive starter was .963, which is way below Helton’s .996 at first base.  Todd has hit .300 or better 11 of his 13 full seasons with the Rockies and was on track to make it 12 in 2010 until the back started flaring up.  By the way, Vlady has been a DH that last two years, so he only has to play half a game each day.  I think I’ll keep Todd around for another couple of years.  What about you?

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Been a Great Rockies Ride

Posted by The Minkster on September 28, 2010

I have to be straight up and say that I didn’t pick the Rockies to win the West as the majority of prognosticators did back in March, but I was as hopeful as all baseball fans were for their respective teams.  Great starts by Uby and Rosey on the mound got everyone excited and the run at first place in the West right before the All-Star Break made it seem like the Rockies first division title was actually within the grasp. 

As all teams experience during the long baseball season, Colorado had some ups and downs and injuries.  With NL West teams so evenly matched it has come down to another exciting September pennant race with the

Tulo swinging for the fences

Rockos mixing things up.  It’s that time of year when Tulo gets cranking and he really had an amazing run at the finish, but with too little consistent help from other bats except CarGo’s and tired arms on the pitching staff it wasn’t enough to punch a ticket for October.  I’m hoping Jimenez can pick-up #20 to cap off an incredible season and CarGo can take two out of three in the triple crown race, but it is all over but the freebie handouts after the last home game. 

Thanks for a great season Rox and some day when I’m telling BS stories in a nursing home I’ll talk about this season and how it set Colorado up for string of World Series runs.  And, how we all got to see Hall of Famers Tulo, Ubaldo, CarGo, Helton, CY Jr. and Dexy all play in purple pinstripes for all or most of their careers.

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