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Weekend Wrap-up

Posted by The Minkster on October 5, 2009

Best time of year!

Best time of year!

There was too much to make note of after this huge sports weekend, so I’m just going to touch on everything today.  Unless you live in a cave outside of Boulder, you know the Broncos passed their first “test” of the season – as if playing any other NFL team is Powder Puff football.  And if  you are just a passing fan you should know that the Rockies didn’t win the West, but are in the postseason.  What you may not know is that the Rapids missed a chance to clinch a playoff spot, the Roller Dolls are off to Philadelphia, and the Avs remain undefeated.

The Crush is back!

The Crush is back!

Let’s start with Orange Crush Redux.  The Broncos passed their first real test, as the crow eaters are calling it, by beating the Cowboys 17-10 at Invesco Field yesterday.  The vaunted D gave up 10 points in the first half, but after the break shut down the league’s second leading rushing team and sacked Romo 5 times in the game.  After four weeks of competition the Broncos defense is ranked second in the NFL behind the Giants in total yards allowed.  Here’s something I bet you didn’t know, Denver’s running game is ranked fourth overall – just behind the Cowboys which dropped two spots after visiting Mile High.  Just a note to all you season ticket holders that still don’t believe – if you’re going to sell your tickets pawn them off to a Bronco fan instead of a visiting team fan.  It was embarrassing to hear the announcers say there was a large contingent of Cowboy fans in the stands yesterday and you could HEAR them! 

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Local baseball fans finally stepped off Mr. Tracy’s Wild Ride on Saturday night when the Dodgers beat the Rockies 5-0, after a Frankie Morales meltdown in the 7th, to win the NL West.  Colorado had the Dodgers back on their heels and wondering if they made a mistake waiting to pop the champagne in celebration of the postseason until they captured the division crown.  LA celebrated with the So Cal fans, but the Rockies shrugged it off since they had already sprayed their celebratory beverages.  The NLDS starts for the Rox Wednesday in Philadelphia at 12:37 PM Colorado time on TBS.  I’m guessing employers might see a spike in sick days this week or at least extended lunches.

If you have followed the Rapids since the team donned the green and yellow unis, then you are aware that the team hasn’t tasted the postseason since 2006 after six straight appearances.  Colorado could have clinched a spot in the postseason with three points this past weekend, but could only muster another tie.  The team (40 points) is idle this weekend and could be overtaken by New England (38 points) and drop into the eighth and final playoff spot with two games left in the season.  The Rapids have the ability to score, but seem to have gotten cold feet over the last four matches.  They all ended in ties and Colorado hasn’t found the back of net more than once in any of those games.  Get ready for another nail-biting end to a Colorado team’s season with the Rapids visiting Dallas and rival Salt Lake to finish the regular season.

WFTDA Nationals

WFTDA Nationals

For those of you that missed it, the Denver roller derby teams hosted the WFTDA West Regional tournament (Derby on the Rocks) this past weekend, and both Denver teams earned a trip to the National Tournament in Philadelphia to be held November 13-15.  Although the Oly Rollers from Olympia, Washington won the event the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Denver Roller Dolls took the #2 and #3 spots, respectively.  Only the top three seeds from each of the four regional tournaments are awarded a spot at nationals, so congratulations are in order for our Denver teams.  Good luck in Philly!

Again, unless you’ve been hanging out in a tent at RMNP the past week you know the Avs kicked off their season on Thursday (same day the Rockies clinched the WC spot) with a tribute to longtime captain and future hall-of-famer Joe Sakic that culminated with the raising of his number to the rafters of the Can.  The young team was so amped they went out and whupped up on the San Jose Sharks (last year’s Pacific Division winner) by a final score of 5-2.  Then Craig Anderson, the newly acquired 28 year-old net minder hailing originally from Illinois, pitched a shutout (3-0) against the Canucks on Saturday for the second Avs win of the season.  Colorado is 2-0 and leading the Northwest Division!

For sports fans in the Rocky Mountain region it’s another fun and glorious fall with playoff contenders fighting for titles and high hopes for teams early in their seasons.  Let’s hope the Rockies and Rapids can take us on another long wild postseason trip.  Although I didn’t mention the colleges, there is still hope for conference titles and bowl games in the young season.  Who needs a Disney ticket to catch a wild ride if you’re a Colorado sports fan!?

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Whip It Good

Posted by The Minkster on October 2, 2009

Wednesday night I got a couple of passes to the advanced screening of Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It.”  What a fun movie!  It is about a 17-year-old girl (Bliss) that discovers roller derby in Austin, Texas and struggles with how to tell her ex-beauty contestant mom that she doesn’t want to do pageants any longer and the rink is calling her.  Women will thoroughly enjoy the flick and the guys will dig the roller derby and party scenes.  The Post gave it four out of five stars and I agree!

Whip It Movie

"Whip It" Movie

The theater was packed and some of the Roller Dolls were sitting behind us, which made the experience even more enjoyable.  The derby scenes are a little more brutal than what you’ll see here in Denver, but the strategy, scoring and great pseudonyms are the same.  There were some great lines and scenes that had the whole place laughing.  Loved the costumes and make-up for the derby girls along with the makeover Bliss’ little sister got at the end of the movie!  It opens tonight, so make plans with your girlfriends to go see it after you go support our local Denver Dolls in the West Regional this weekend.  And remember, you can never use too much eyeliner!

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Dolls High Seed in Regionals

Posted by The Minkster on September 28, 2009

If you are a Colorado sports fan you know that the Rox are leading the Wild Card race in the NL, the Denver Broncos are sitting atop the AFC West at 3-0 and the Rapids control their own playoff destiny, but did you know our very

Shotgun Betties vs Slamazons

Shotgun Betties vs Slamazons

own Denver Roller Dolls Mile High Club is ranked #2 in the West Region by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)?  Next weekend the Roller Dolls will host the Western Regional Roller Derby Tournament (Derby on the Rocks) at the Bladium, which is the last of four regional tournaments where teams can earn a spot in the finals in Philadelphia the weekend of November 13-15 to crown a national champion.  If you aren’t familiar with the 21st century version of roller derby, it has the atmosphere of a Mammoth game, timing aspects of soccer, shot clocks as in basketball, line changes similar to hockey, and the quick scorign and contact of arena football.  No fake WWE throwdowns here – these girls hit concrete when they land!

If you haven’t been to a match you should go check it out.  The sport has evolved over the last five years here in Denver, and I’ve seen a big jump in skill level, game knowledge, strategy and overall talent.  There are three home teams in Denver (Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, and Shotgun Betties) along with the All-Star travel team Mile High Club.  During the season they compete against each other along with Colorado teams from outside Denver metro and across the country.  The Roller Dolls season runs from March to November, and each player pays ($40/month) for the opportunity to get the crap knocked out of her while circling a flat track on the old-fashioned four-wheel skates.  Players must tryout then be chosen to particpate in the one month training camp called the Dollhouse, after successful completion they are eligible to be drafted by one of the regular teams.  If a player isn’t drafted she can continue to improve her skills at practices and test up into the A or travel teams anytime during the season. 

Green Barrettes vs Bad Apples

Green Barrettes vs Bad Apples

These players must show they can do more than skate backwards to “Let It Whip”, they are put through a set of drills including cone sprints, jumps, falls and hitting skills.  Yes, there is a strategy to falling.  The league currently has about 100 active players who practice four days per week for a couple of hours each session.  The Dolls work on agility, endurance, derby skills and core body strengthening.  Many were speed skaters or hockey players in their younger years, but anyone with a competitive spirit and desire to smash into someone can tryout.

There is one local match remaining (Oct. 24) in the season between the Bad Apples and Shotgun Betties to crown the Dolls league champion coupled with a men’s bout.  The early match-up pitted the Denver Shotgun Betties against the Pikes Peak Slamazons up from the Springs.  The visitors were overmatched, but the wispy and agile Clitty Clitty Bang! Bang! did her best to put points on the board for the ‘Zons.  Too many good jammers (those are the speedsters and only member of the team that can score) on the Betties, and the marked difference in strategic maneuvers and skill level made this match lopsided in favor of the home team.  The final score was 185-39. 

The second game of the double header had two Denver teams face off with the Bad Apples taking on the Green Barrettes.  It was a close match in the early going, but the Apples had a good lead on the Barrettes by halftime.  It looked like it was going to turn into another blowout until the Barrettes

Green Barrettes vs. Bad Apples

Green Barrettes vs. Bad Apples

made a late run to close the gap.  With a little over three minutes left to play the Barrettes had the lead jammer (the only player that can score points in a jam) and were positioned to potentially grab enough points to take the lead, but Coach Joe Mamma called off the jam (only the lead jammer can do that prior to the two minutes expiring in a jam).  I’m guessing he thought he could get a better match-up in the next jam, but Fonda Payne lapped the pack like they were in an 80’s roller rink and racked up 20+ points before the two minutes mercifully expired.  Fonda Payne had been racking up points for the Apples all night, but she was knifing through the opponents blockers like they were hot butter in that late pivotal jam.  The Green Barrettes made a final push in the last two minutes, but couldn’t overcome Fonda Payne and her Bad Apples for a final score of 141-133. 

The Roller Dolls play their regular season games at the Denver Coliseum (family friendly venue) and the Filmore (16 years of age and over only) where PBR, nachos and pretzles are standard fare.  The Western Regionals will be played at the Bladium on October 2-4, and either one day or three day passes to the event are available.  You will be impressed by the athleticism and strategy of today’s roller derby and I encourage you to go support our local Dolls this weekend.

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QBs Show Nothing In 1st Meaningless Game

Posted by The Minkster on August 16, 2009

Hmmm, preseason could be interesting.

Hmmm, NFL preseason

Typically this time of year NFL fans are getting excited about the start of the season, following the progress of their team’s top draft picks, and hoping no key players get hurt in meaningless games or practice.  This preseason, however, is definitiely the most exciting in recent memory. 

Yes, fans still have to pay ridiculous prices for practice games and the beer is just as expensive, but there is more drama in the sports page than the last installment of The Bachelor.  And, it’s not just here in Denver there is fun to be had all over the NFL.

  • Let’s start with the most recent headline grabber, which was Michael Vick being signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.  With three QBs already on their roster and a healthy Donovan McNabb, many were scratching their heads wondering WTF?!   Many questions are flying around and Andy Reid isn’t answering any of them.  How will they use Vick – maybe a slash type role?  Is he in football shape?  Will he be a distraction to the team?  Will dog lovers picket every away game?  Did Goodell make the right decision to even let this guy back into the NFL?  Can Vick stay out of trouble and take advantage of a great second chance?
  • The Tennessee Titans have a QB contest going on after Vince Young looked strong in the first preseason game.  The ex-Horn star threw a fit on the sidelines last year and was generally acting like a 5-year-old throughout most of last season.   Apparently he has had an attitude adjustment and wants to challenge veteran Kerry Collins for the starting job.
  • What kind of team can the Lions put together after setting the record for futility last season finishing 0-16?  They beat one of last year’s surprise teams, the Atlanta Falcons, 27-26 yesterday in their first preseason tilt.  With a new coaching staff, GM and revamped roster lead by veteran QB Daunte Culpepper, who is healthy and in the best shape in a long time, these aren’t your bag wearin’ Lions any longer.  You won’t want to nap during this year’s Thanksgiving game in the Motor City against Green Bay.
  • Having no problems with sloppy seconds, the Vikings decided to do the retirement dance with Brett Favre this year but were left without a date when he retired again.  Now the Viks have a QB battle between Sage Rosenfels, who looked good against the Colts in a 13-3 win, and Tarvaris Jackson. 

    Like sands thru the hourglass...

    Like sands thru the hourglass...

  • Kansas City was looking for help at the QB position after a two win season in 2008 and went after Matt Cassel, who played well in relief for the injured  Tom Brady in New England last year.  No one questioned the move for the Chiefs, but everyone is wondering if this guy that never started a game in college was successful because of the system or was he for real.  Then the Chefs lost their mind!  Before he was even declared the starter for new head coach Todd Haley, Kansas City signed him to a 6 year deal worth over $60 million.  Wow!  Did you come into some interesting pictures of the owner, Matt?
  • Of course, all of Bronco Nation knows about Matt and how the dominoes fell when Josh McDaniels was hired as the new head coach.  The first preseason game for Orton and Cutler was less than stellar, so we will have to wait and see how things play out on August 30th when the Bears visit Mile High.  Both will have had more time to learn new systems and get comfortable with the guys, so I don’t think the NFL will be disappointed making it the Sunday night game and only contest of the day.

Nothing like a little drama to make August football a little interesting.  Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our NFL.

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Vick Lands With New Birds of a Feather

Posted by The Minkster on August 13, 2009

Yes, I was brought up a Hokie fan.

Yes, I was brought up a Hokie fan.

Mikey Vick has signed a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles after serving 23 months in the federal pen for running dog fighting rings.  He’ll be pulling down $1.6m this year with an option for next at $5.2m (creditors are popping champagne tonight).  Donovan McNabb is of course going to remain the starter, and with Kevin Kolb and A.J. Feeley backing him up some are scratching their noggin’s wondering WTF?!

Andy Reid is a no nonsense coach (he has to be as the head guy in Philly), so he knows a couple of slow pocket QB’s aren’t good options if Donovan goes down.  The offense is built around a mobile passer and Vick fits the bill perfectly.  He is a virtual clone of McNabb when he was three years younger (Vick is 29).

Vick in happier days before the bust

Vick in happier days before the bust

If there is any NFL town that will embrace an ex-con, polarizing figure and underdog like Vick it is the City of Brotherly Love.  Remember the original Rocky – okay it was a movie just work with me here.  They’d boo the Pope if he couldn’t score touchdowns and make a hero of Capone if he won the Super Bowl, so I can’t think of a better opportunity for #7.  The way some are vilifying the guy is beyond me.  He made a mistake, has paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance at doing the only thing the young gunslinger knows how to do.  Don’t think dog catcher is an available option.

Those suspects on Animal Cops that kill and maim their pets on every episode rarely get anything more than a fine.  Why don’t the people that are getting so upset about Michael Vick’s reinstatement direct their energies into raising money for the ASPCA, driving efforts to change laws or pushing for education of animal abuse in schools?   There are many people with true evil in their hearts – Michael Vick is not one of them.

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USA Today Poll Won’t Stand Test of September

Posted by The Minkster on August 7, 2009

Hey sports fans, had a take a little staycation before the summer was over and now I’m back just in time for the start of football season.  You know it is time for the old pigskin to start squeaking because fantasy sites are gearing up, NFL teams have started their training camps, the Hall of Fame Game and annual enshrinement takes place this weekend, and the first college football poll has been released.

Everyone is excited about kicking around the pigskin.

Everyone is excited about kicking around the pigskin.

I really don’t like preseason or even early season polls for college football, but they give more umph to all the sports talk  shows before the first ball even leaves the tee.  Since the first official poll was released today I might as well jump into it with both feet and provide my decidedly slanted view of the rankings.  If you didn’t check the sports page this morning, which I can’t imagine not doing, then you missed the USA Today Poll (the AP isn’t out yet).  Take a minute to check it out then continue on.

Hope you didn’t get hurt when you fell out of your chair laughing.  That has to be one of the most outlandish preseason poll I’ve seen in awhile.  I’m going to file this away and save it for Jan. 10 (are they done with the bowls by then?) and compare it to the final standings which really don’t mean much either.   Here is how it breaks down in no particular order:

  •  USC – Always loaded and if they beat Ohio State on the road will be in running for championship game as long as they don’t stumble over Stanford or UCLA.
  • Texas and OU – They’ll beat up on each other in the Big 12 and the pollsters will drop the loser down lower than 2 or 3 because the system is that ridiculous.
  • Ole Miss – Won’t surprise anyone this year and won’t make it thru the SEC with enough wins to keep it in Top 10.
  • Notre Dame – At best will go 7-5 with big wins over Nevada, Navy and U Conn, but pollsters are afraid of TD Jesus so will put them in Top 25 by year end if they can pull out finale over Stanford.
  • Boise St, TCU and Utah – Will have great seasons again and get dissed AGAIN!
  • Carolina – #20, really?  Is there an LT Jr. following in daddy’s footsteps I don’t know about?
  • Nebraska – Hey pollsters, Tom Osborne doesn’t coach there any longer!  Their starting QB has thrown 2 passes in a college game. If the Big 12 North teams can stay healthy the Fuskers won’t even be in the running for the division crown this year let alone ranked in Top 25.
  • Ga Tech – #15 is a stretch, but I have to say they have a shot at Top 10 if they can win at Miami and at Fla State because they have the Hokies, Dogs and Tar Heels at home.
  • Va Tech – Plays Bama in the Kick-off Game in the ATL which could set a bad tone for the season or have them flying high for next two games at home against Marshall and Nebraska. We’ll see how much Taylor (QB) has matured over the summer and if he can get the ball down the field.  The Hokies are picked to win the ACC crown, but I think I would rather them be underdogs.

Of course Colorado isn’t on anybody’s radar, but they will be after the West Virginia game on October 1 in Morgantown.  The Buffs should be 4-0 going into Austin to kickoff their conference schedule.  If the boys in black and gold can stay healthy (they lost 121 man games in 2008 due to injury), they stand a chance of surprising the Longhorns.  Whew, all this football talk has me dreaming of a cold brew at the Harvest House.

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Are Canadians Pouring Labatts in the Water?

Posted by The Minkster on July 29, 2009

Is it something in the water or Hollywood envy up there in the chilly part of our nation’s mid-section?  Seems like the black-and-blue division famous for big uglies, frozen tundra and smash mouth football has become more like watching a season of the Bachelor.  What has this world come to when two of those proud historic franchises (Vikings and Bears) chase after a couple of prima donna QB’s in Favre and Cutler?!

Packers vs. Bears at Chicago's Wrigley Field 1962

Packers vs. Bears at Chicago's Wrigley Field 1962

Flash back a couple of years and both those guys were considered gritty quality gun slingers and fans figured they both would retire wearing their respective uniforms at the time.  Jump to off-season 2009 and Favre is toying with the idea of signing with one of the Packers’ worst nemesis while Cutler is throwing a temper tantrum because his new kid coach is testing the trade waters with him as bait.  Where is Howie Mandel?  Is that you punkin’ us Ashton?

The Pack is going glam with their big 90th birthday party.  Of course that means using a napkin when eating brats and cheese curds, and washing it down with a Leinenkugel’s in a chilled pint glass.  Now that Favre has retired AGAIN, the Pack has to decide if they are going to do some kind of tribute to its tarnished hero.  He brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay, but his antics since the first retirement have created more controversy than the 1984 mothballing of Bernie Brewer.

Detroit isn’t without a little conference controversy although you won’t hear any jawing about it.  Aren’t many players with the cajones to play the diva role after posting a league record for futility of 0-16 in 2008.  The Viks ex-QB, Daunte Culpepper, has dropped 30 lbs. during the off-season and looks to have that speed back which made him so dangerous in his younger years.  Looking forward to that home and away series because the Lions won’t be doormats again this year.

So, what should we call the Black and Blue division?  Beavis and Butt-Head?  Diva and Donna?  Bitchy Boys?  Whine and Dine?  I’ll just let Berman and the rest of the talking heads at ESPN come up with something clever unless you got something.  Let’s hear it from the fans.

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Who Was the Underdog?

Posted by The Minkster on July 21, 2009

If someone had said before the British Open started that fans would be glued to the TV on Sunday afternoon if Lefty and Tiger didn’t make the cut folks would’ve thought that person crazy, but that is exactly what happened in Ireland this past weekend.  Tom Watson showed once again that golf isn’t about how far you can smack it off the tee, but instead pits golfer against the course and inner voices.  That second challenge is what did in 59-year-old Watson on the 18th green on the last hole of The Open.

The old guy birdied #17 while Stewart Cinksat in the club house hoping Watson would stumble setting up a playoff so he could get another shot at winning his first major.  He must have found a Leprechaun under the scorers table, because Watson’s approach shot rolled off the back of the green and took two putts to hole out from there falling into a tie with Cink.  It seemed as though a tsunami of moans rolled across the UK and US at the same time when Watson’s 8 footer lagged up toward the hole never having a chance to drop in cementing his place in history. 

Given the fact we live in a global economy and it still holds true that when the US sneezes the world catches a cold, that putt would’ve given us all a feel good boost we desperately needed right now.  The gallery on-hand at Turnberry was certainly an international smorgasbord, but it jumped on grandpa Watson’s bandwagon in his quest at the record books.  If the 70’s flashback story had not unfolded Cink winning his first major in a playoff would have made for great headlines.  It’s hard to put such a nice guy into the same category as Wile E. Coyote, Al Davis, the Joker, and George Steinbrenner, but that’s how everyone felt watching the old guard go down in flames.  Congrats to Cink and his family, but it sure would’ve been nice to have the media all over the Watson story so they could let go of Michael Jackson for awhile.

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US Shows Up for First Half

Posted by The Minkster on June 29, 2009

The men’s U.S. Soccer Team could have created some big time buzz about the world’s football game here in the States, but couldn’t capitalize.  After pulling a Houdini to get into the finals of the FIFA Confederations Cup for the first time ever (that’s since 1916) and playing an inspired first half, the Americans decided they were done with the tournament with a 2-0 lead and 45 minutes left on the clock.  The Brazilians had their sites set on winning their third cup by exhibiting more desire than the US and came back to win 3-2.

The Yanks played liked they belonged in the first half by attacking the shocked Brazilians.  Landon Donovan looked like he was going to take control of this game and lead the team to victory.  After taking a 2-0 lead the Yanks played protect the net for the final 5 or so minutes of the first half and went into the break feeling confident – or so I thought. 

I’m not sure if there was something in the water or the US team decided they didn’t have to put much effort in order to close out Brazil, but they looked more like it was a practice session rather than the last half of a championship game!  They were jogging on defense, sitting back in their defensive zone and not taking shots on goal.  Don’t know what the official stats were for the second half, but I don’t remember the US taking a shot until the final 3 minutes of regulation (final game shot tally was US-8, Brazil-24).  The Yanks were playing not to lose instead of to win – and lose they did.  That was a very disappointing effort by the team and the first year head coach Bob Bradley, but at least we have the CONCACAF’s Gold Cup to test their mettle before heading into the World Cup in 2010.

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Best Week of Summer Sports Wrap-up

Posted by The Minkster on June 27, 2009

Weekdays during the summer are traditionally slow for sports outside of pro baseball, but this week was an exception.  There were so many exciting things going on in the world of sports, in and out of the state, that I’m just going to hit the highlights so you don’t have to read all of my pontifications.

  • The College World Series (CWS) championship series played out its full three games with LSU winning the first game 7-6 in 11 innings after the Tigers’ DJ LeMahieuhit a two-out two-run double to tie the game in the ninth.  Texas easily took the second game by a score of 5-1 with Freshman Taylor Jungmann pitching his first complete game.  LSU took home the crown after blowing open a 4-4 game going into the 6th.  That brought LSUeven with Texas in all-time CWS crowns at six, but half dozen behind leader So Cal with 12 in the trophy case.  Yes, I admit I Twittered some rambling statement encouraging the Longhorns on to victory.  I’m currently in therapy for it and hopefully won’t happen again.
  • The Men’s U.S. Soccer team is going to its first FIFA Final since the team began playing in 1916!  It took a monumental upset of top-ranked Spain to get there after losing to Italy and Brazil earlier in the tournament.  The Yanks earned a chance to play Spain through the second tiebreaker which counted total goals scored.  Not only did they beat the heavily favored Spaniards, but shut them out 2-0.  It was Spain’s first defeat since losing to Romania in November 2006.  Spain called it an accident – I call it a butt kicking!  The U.S. will play Brazil tomorrow for the championship.
  • On a down note, the Rockies lost two in a row for the first time since June 3 with the Angels taking the series in Anaheim two games to one.  The boys in purple pinstripes have won 17 of their last 20 and look like the stop in southern California was a blip in the road.  They beat the A’s and their old teammate Matt Holliday4-2 Friday night with Jason Hammel pitching a nice game though 7 1/3 innings followed by ex-Athletics pitcher Huston Street sealing the deal.  I think the Rox will get back on track and at least take the series by the bay.
  • The NBA draft took place this week with the Nuggets wheeling and dealing their way for draft rights to Ty Lawson, the point guard that helped lead the Carolina Tar Heels to a national championship earlier this year.  Lawson was taken at #18 by the Minnesota Timberwolves then traded to Denver for the future first round pick they had from the Charlotte Bobcats.  I’m almost as excited about this deal as I was about the Chaunce Man coming back to Denver!
  • Speaking of something to get excited about (okay my life is pretty boring), the Avs didn’t trade away their third pick in the NHL draft on Friday as speculated.  Instead they got a talented kid that has been a longtime fan of the Aveys complete with framed jerseys of Roy and Sakic on his walls at home.  Matt Duchene is such a fan that he can reel off the stick models and blade curve each player takes on the ice.  The 18 year old center played for Brampton in the OHL last year and was a scoring machine.  His numbers don’t match those of John Tavares taken at #1 by the Islanders, but the Avs think this kid has better all around tools and will be a key building block of the future.  Fans might not see him in an Avs sweater next year, but he’ll be playing in the Can soon enough.
  • The Rapids controlled most of the game against FC Dallas on Wednesday, but found themselves down 1-0 late in the match.  Omar Cummings scored in the 84th minute to give the Rapids a tie and extend their unbeaten streak to 8 games.  They aren’t overpowering teams, but every win means points.  This is the best Rapids team fielded in several years – look for them to do something in the postseason.
  • And lastly, the U.S. Track and Field Championships are being held this weekend, but Colorado has already represented well.  Kara Goucher of CU fame won the women’s 5,000 meter.  The Buffs assistant coach (and CSU alum) Casey Malone won the discus throw and senior Jenny Barringer advanced to the finals of the 3,000 meter steeplechase.  Aaron Braun of Adams State placed 12th in the men’s 5,000.

The sun once again is shining on Colorado sports fans despite the afternoon thunderstorms that have become a regular occurrence.  Baby TO and Culter are just a passing t-clouds with all our other teams and athletes the 300+ days of sunshine a year.

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