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Outlaws Handcuffed by Berger

Posted by The Minkster on August 21, 2010

Our Denver Outlaws had a another good season and went into Annapolis this weekend as the #2 seed against a Long Island squad they swept during the regular season.  The two teams appeared evenly matched during the first half of the MLL semi-final game and went into the half tied 10-10.  I’m not sure if the Lizards had some secret woop-ass potion infused into their SoBe’s at half-time or if the Outlaws had a Kardashian in the stands wearing barbwire, but Long Island came out of the locker room with a nasty attitude and determination to win. 

From about five minutes into the second half until the end of the game the Lizards attacked and had the Denver defense running around like a bunch of little girls chasing Justin Bieber.  By the time the fourth quarter rolled around the offense had the synchronization of a pee wee hockey team and was forcing bad shots in an attempt to close the 4 point gap.  With the fire power the Outlaws had this season the second half was a big disappointment, and Denver couldn’t keep a guy in the face of the Lizard’s Stephen Berger who fired five goals into net and recorded an assist subsequently earning him the game MVP award.

Denver fans are certainly spoiled when it comes to the post season as we expect the Outlaws to be there very year, but can we watch the team hoist that trophy up just once?  I’m still a big fan of the orange and black, but will have to wait until January for some redemption when the Mammoth start up another season at the Can.

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Anybody Out There?

Posted by The Minkster on August 12, 2010

Not sure if anyone is out there still listening, but thought I would try to get back into blogging as we start to gear up for the most wonderful time of the year.  You know, early fall when we have pennant races, college football, tailgating, the end of NFL pre-season and my birthday!  Hope everyone has their draft board together for fantasy football and Favre isn’t in your top 20.  Our draft is the end of August, so we won’t know if Brett will be wearing the purple or not by that time.  Glad QB controversy is focused on the land with 12,000 lakes instead of 12,000 footers this year.

Don’t have any rant to share with you today, but have some catching up to do.  Let’s just tick them off real quick as a lead into the weekend.

  • I don’t have a problem with the Rockies not making a move before the trade deadline.  No need to trade some of our rising stars for a guy that may or may not be able to help the team make the playoffs.  Pitching injuries have hurt, plus various injuries to key hitters (see Tulo, Todd and G-Man) have made it difficult to get a run going.  If we can get guys healthy and key pitchers back in the groove (Rosy, Streeter and Jeffy) the Rox can make another late season run.
  • If McKid has any sense he’ll keep Tebow on the sidelines most of this season so he can watch and learn.  Orton should shine this season in his second year in the system, so I have high expectations for the Broncos – even with Elvis not in the building.
  • How ’bout those Outlaws!  Finishing second and making it to the playoffs in Annapolis next weekend.  Those guys have had a great season and hope you had a chance to watch them.  Let’s bring a trophy home boys!
  • What is it with the Rapids at home?!?  We should be kicking butt and taking names in a sport where you have to run up and down a football field for 90 minutes at altitude!  Anyway, with Casey coming back maybe the good guys can make a nice run right into the playoffs.
  • People are totally disregarding the Buffs in Big 12 football.  I’m okay with that as long as the black and gold are playing for the North championship come Black Friday.  Anything less and the lovable Hawk needs to take a hike.  I like the team he has finally put together – a couple of top corners, 2 experienced QB’s, young but fast backfield led by Speedy and a bunch of good receivers.  This team better score some points and win games.  CSU will go down without a fight on Labor Day weekend…shoulder to shoulder we will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

That’s all I got for today and to quote Rome, I’m out!

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Outlaws Gunned Down

Posted by The Minkster on August 24, 2009

Not sure why the MLL decided that having their two playoff and championship games in a city that didn’t even have a team in the league on back-to-back days after two weeks off is a good idea, but they didn’t ask the CO Sports Chick.  If you’re going to wait 2 weeks to finish off the season, why not have the team with the best record host the event?  That gives everyone time to get organized (including ESPN2), and you’ll probably have actual fans of the teams competing on field cheering in the stands.  There were 7,003 people at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis to watch the championship game between one team from the Rocky Mountains and the other from a country known best for its hockey.  Not bad considering half those people probably couldn’t find Toronto and Denver on a map.

Outlaws in action.

Outlaws in action.

Denver hosted the All-Star game on July 4th and blew away the previous attendance record with 21,952 people coming out for the event.  Blast off some fireworks and have the Outlaws in the championship game, and we’ll make the 2009 championship attendance look like a high school turnout.  Denver has been to the championship game 3 out of the 4 years (lost in the playoffs in the other year) it has been in the MLL, but the league office hasn’t even considered a location outside of the northeast.  I’m not sure they could find their way to the mighty Mississippi even with the ghosts of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea leading the way.  Hey Body by Jake, why don’t you try and expand your horizons and bring the big game out west?!

Denver’s other boys in orange played hard and were in it until the last 45 seconds of the contest, but broke our hearts again when they gave up a goal and lost the ensuing face-off.  Denver had the #1 seed going into the weekend and looked like the dominate team for most of the season, but the first year Nationals had no expectations or pressure on them heading into the Steinfeld Cup game (yep, the cup is named for Body by Jake).  Not sure if the humidity, heat, pressure or match-ups were their downfall, but here’s hoping 5 is our lucky number.  In case you missed it, the final score was 10-9 in favor of the bad guys and was the defensive battle that fans expected it to be.  Thanks for a great 2009 season and see you next year!

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Denver Fourth Fizzles

Posted by The Minkster on July 5, 2009

Fireworks went off all over Denver as scheduled last night, but they weren’t celebrating any W’s by our local sports teams.  If you were looking for a game and pyrotechnics last night you had the choice of lacrosse, soccer or baseball.  All our boys are playing pretty well and it wasn’t a stretch to think local fans could get a sweep for an added bonus to July 4th celebrations.  Alas, it was the complete opposite.

Our first place Outlaws played the second place Boston Cannons tight as the lead went back and forth.  It looked like Denver was going to pull out the win after Westervelt scored 3 unanswered, but the Cannons scored late to steal one in Colorado. Okay, 1 down but we should pick up wins in the other two contests in town.

The Rapids took the field with an unbeaten home streak in 2009, a 13-1 record at home on July 4th, and owning Chicago on their home pitch.  The Fire had not won in the Mile High City since 1999.   That all changed last night when Chicago went up 2-0 in the first half and was able to hold off Colorado for the 2-1 upset.  Alright, that leaves our red hot Rockies to pick-up the lone win on our nation’s birthday.

The Rockies, owners of a six game home winning streak, seemed to be cruising along after three innnings with Cookie on the hill and jumping out to a 4-0 lead.  However, the D-backs pecked away and had pulled to within one going into the eighth inning.  That’s when the bullpen, which had such an impressive June, fell apart.  The last place Snakes took a 9-4 lead.  Rockies bats got them back in the game by picking up three runs in the inning, but that was as close as our boys would come.  Jeez, that left local sports fans 0-3 on the night.  And to top it off there were problems with the fireworks at Dick’s Park, so the Rapids faithful walked away feeling like they got the double whammy. 

Oh well, there are still many games left to play this summer and hope  you enjoyed celebrating with friends and family.

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