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Broncos on the Cusp

Posted by The Minkster on December 15, 2009

What a 2009!

It’s been one heck of a ride this year for Broncos fans, which actually began on New Year’s Eve 2008 with the firing of Mike Shanahan!  Mr. Toad has nothing on Bowlen and the Broncos.  Denver fans were stunned when Shanny was let go, but not too many cried over it after the 2008 Broncos became the first NFL team ever to blow a three game lead with three games left since the league started divisional play in 1967.  Then came the surprise hiring of Josh McDaniels as the youngest head coach ever to take the helm of the 50-year-old franchise.  This was followed by a four-month long media feeding frenzy.

The young brash coach wanted to clean house and get the type of players on the roster that he was used to working with in New England.  Having connections to the Patriots, McKid knew there might be an opportunity to bring Matt Cassel (who he knew could run his offense) to Denver and opened talks with the Patriots.  Of course we all know what happened when Baby Jay caught wind of this.  What I want to know is why a QB that has never had a winning season or taken his team to the playoffs was making personnel decisions with Shanny AND labeled a franchise quarterback?  Remember this quote after his coach was canned:

“I was talking to Mike yesterday about personnel moves,” he said in an interview on KCNC-TV in Denver. “I’m as shocked as anybody else. I think it’s the wrong move.”

Hmmm, wonder why neither one of them is no longer with the organization.  Of course, the whole Jaygate fiasco put crazy ideas into Baby TO’s head and he started throwing tantrums in hopes of being traded and subsequently getting mo’ money.  Not only did sitting out put him waaaay behind in learning McKid’s complex new offense, but didn’t give Orton the reps needed to get timing down with the team’s #1 receiver.

Finally B-Marsh joins the team because he can’t afford to sit out, get fined, pay fat attorney fees and pay for an engagement ring on his measly salary.  Pre-season starts and Bronco Nation gets a look at their new team, literally.  There were only 24 players remaining on the roster from the 2008 squad, a totally revamped 3-4 defense led by the fiery veteran Brian Dawkins, and a new quarterback with an average resume managing a New England style offense.  McDaniels was trying to put together a team and still working kinks out during the four meaningless August games, so there were times when it looked like Mullen HS could beat these guys and the boobirds let them know it.

The first real test was at Cincinnati against a future playoff contender and it seemed the Immaculate Deflection gave the Island of Misfit Players some confidence and swagger.  Although fans and media types weren’t giving Santa Josh any kudos it kick started the Broncos on a 6-0 run and soon the bandwagon overflowing.  Then along comes the big bad bye week and a 0-4 stretch characterized by really bad football.  Denver has righted the ship, but fans are never sure which streaky team will show up from week to week.  The boys in blue and orange, and for a couple of weeks brown vertical stripped socks, are still in the playoff hunt.  I’m sure the next three weeks will keep us on the edge of our collective seats, but I don’t see this Bronco team losing the last three games and getting knocked out of the playoffs.  I wonder if Jay will call Bowlen for playoff tickets?


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Throwback Days at the Foam Dome

Posted by The Minkster on December 2, 2009

With another painful football season coming to a merciful end, Buffs fans can turn their attention to and actually get excited about the men’s basketball team.  Buzz finally has his guys in place after most of Patton’s recruits bailed because the work ethic and expectations were too much for them to handle.  Coach has these kids wanting to play team ball and buying into the philosophy that has been proven successful in the NBA and at Air Force.  This isn’t going to be another season where CU has a good pre-conference record then gets destroyed.  In case you missed it, these gritty guys played tough at the Maui Invitational without their head coach who was with his seriously ill mother in Chicago.

The Buffs are 5-2  after dropping two heartbreakers in Hawaii then coming home and taking care of business against the San Francisco Dons.  On the Big Island CU had Gonzaga on the ropes the entire game and let them sneak back in during the closing minutes to lose 72-76.  Next up was Arizona which went into overtime but lost 87-91.  They picked up a consolation game against Chaminade, but came away knowing they can play with the big boys.  The Big 12 is brutal this year, but look for this team to pull off some upsets at home.

Higgins vs SF Dons

The 2009-10  Buffs is still young with only one senior, guard Dwight Thorne II, but he’ll get good help from junior Cory Higgins (team leader and top scorer) and freshman Alec Burks.  Still too many freshmen and sophomores to make a run at the Big 12 title, but I love the attitude and hustle this team brings to the table.  It reminds me of the run and gun team of the 1990-91 season that almost took home an NIT championship.  CU is not only bringing back that gritty, wind-sprint style of play but the fashion sense too.  The Buffs will wear the silver home unis for the first time in 19 years, so what can go wrong?

The Buffs head to Oregon this Friday to play OSU in the Big 12-Pac 10 Hardwood Series.  Big 12 play opens in Austin on January 9 followed by Baylor at home on the 12th.  Let’s have the Foam Dome rockin’ like it used to in the early 90’s when Billy Law was running the offense and the seats were filled with gold and black clad fans.  After dropping several gut-wrenching contests to Big 12 foes at home last year, you can be sure the tables are turning and the Buffs will notch some of those in the win column this year.

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