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MarshMello’s No More

Posted by The Minkster on February 25, 2011

Oh happy day!!  The Melodrama is finally over and last night in The Can against the East leading Boston Celtics Nuggets fans got to see what kind of team will be finishing out the 2011 season.  The fact that Boston had lost in four out of their last five visits to the Mile High City was irrelevant as transplanted yanks in green came out in droves to cheer on the team that started this new NBA super team phenomenon.  

Just kick yourself – right now – if you missed this contest and you like old school basketball.  There was great defense by both teams, no phantom superstar whistles to speak of, awesome ball movement and hustle!  What an entertaining game and I actually stopped working on my computer, which is what I usually do during long boring NBA games.  The old MarshMello Nuggets would typically lose a game where they scored under 90 points, but these guys looked like they were playing college ball and put the aging oxygen sucking Celtics away 89-75 in the last few minutes of a hard-fought contest. 

I just love how the media guys keep saying the Celtics were short-handed with only nine guys suited up for the game.  Is that an excuse?  The Nuggets beat Memphis 120-107 with same number of guys (9) just two days earlier but minus its “superstar”, team leader and bench support.  Boston lost two role players and two rookies – must have been devastating!  

JR schools Big Baby

JR taking it to the hoop!

Anyway, back to our Nuggets.  George Karl looks re-energized, Ty has stepped up into Mr. Big Shot’s role, Kmart looks like Steve Austin (as in 6 Million Dollar Man not Stone Cold) and Afflalo looks to shine in the new look Nuggets to show why he was highly regarded coming out of UCLA.  The new defensive minded Nugs held Boston scoreless for the last 6:09 of the game!  That would have never happened with Melo and Chauncey in the lineup.  Did you know this is only the sixth time this season the Nuggets have been held to less than 90 points, but he first time they won a low scoring affair? 

The pre-trade Nuggets couldn’t hold a lead, but the post powder blue team keeps the pedal to the floor and is determined to make the playoffs.  It’s like a new short season for the baby Nuggos and I think they can go deep into the playoffs playing more like the Spurs than the Lakers.  A team effort, tough D, ball movement and multiple scoring threats will beat a superstar with a back-up band over the long NBA season.

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Lightning Strikes Mile High

Posted by The Minkster on November 23, 2009

Time to worry

The Broncos aren't out, but need to step up!

After that Charger lightning storm Sunday afternoon that had Broncos rearing and running for cover, the fans in orange and blue have every right to start making plans for a January trip to Mexico.  However, looking at the Broncos playoff chances based on the overall record and AFC standings at this point in the season there is still plenty of hope for more games after the season finale at home against the Chiefs. 

If you have actually been watching the rise and fall of the 2009 edition of the Broncos it looks like local sports fans will be turning their attention to the Nuggets and Avs after recovering from an extended New Year’s weekend.  Since the bye week the Denver defense has been in an early gift giving mode handing over yardage, penalties and TDs.  It seems the once number one ranked D couldn’t even stop Hawk’s Buffs now days.  The offense is just as generous with turnovers, penalties, questionable play calling and opening lanes to the QB.  The aggressiveness, passion and focus on execution seem to have gone the way of the Canadian geese.

If you are a glass is half full kind of person and think the guys can right the ship there is still hope.  The Broncos are only one game behind the Chargers in the AFC West after splitting the season’s head-to-head match-ups and currently hold a slight edge in the tiebreaker (2-2 vs 2-3 against common opponents).  It will take more effort from the Broncos over the last six games than will be needed from the Chargers given their respective schedules.  Not only do the good guys have to go back to work with only three days to make much needed repairs, but will be hosting a Giants  team coming off an overtime win against Atlanta which put an end to their own four game losing streak.  Here’s the breakdown.

Giants (6-4) Chiefs (3-7)
at Chiefs (3-7) at Browns (1-9)
at Colts (10-0) at Cowboys (7-3)
Raiders (3-7) Bengals (7-3)
at Eagles (6-4) at Titans (3-6)
Chiefs (3-7) Redskins (3-7)

There is opportunity for the Broncos to overtake the Chargers in the division, but they will need to take care of business and get a little help from other teams. 

I’ve been hearing talk about how pathetic the Broncos are for blowing a 3 1/2 game lead after starting the season 6-0, but few are giving the Chargers credit for turning it around.  Other than the Saints and Colts which are NFL royalty at 10-0, no other team is as hot as the Bolts.  They have won their last five in a row after starting the season 2-3.  There is no other NFL team, outside of the two undefeated clubs, that can match that streak.  There are only five teams with a 4-1 record over that stretch, but eleven other teams (including the Broncos) that have gone 1-4 over the same period with the poor Browns notching a NFL worst 0-5. 

Bottom line is that the Broncos have a decent remaining schedule and enough time to turn it around to take back the AFC West lead, but it has to start this weekend at home against a vulnerable Giants team.  The hometown team is a conundrum.  Let’s hope McKid doesn’t think trading the Pats for Junior Seau before Turkey Day is the solution.

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Benedict Blue Bombs

Posted by The Minkster on November 9, 2009

Really?! Baby blue?

Really?! Baby blue?

As an alum of the University of Colorado I tend to be a bit biased in my assessment of the young folks walking away from Boulder with a sheepskin in their hands. Yes, I’m an admitted homie. This weekend, however, has shaken my faith in the mental prowess of those graduating from Buffland in the next several years.

A SENIOR (who should know better), started a Facebook blue boycott against the current Buffs football coaching staff.  Taylor Rhode, an


Facebook tampering

 accounting major, wanted to send a message to CU officials by coaxing students to don baby blue t-shirts to the Texas A and M game in silent protest and to show the similarities of the losing teams that wore similar colored unis in the early 1980’s. While I appreciate the historical knowledge of Buff football, Taylor needed to think outside the Rocky Mountain box – like in the direction of southern California.

Taylor, think about this for a minute. Darrell Scott just left in midseason with the expectation that he will follow his uncle to UCLA and the current Bruins coach is ex-Buffs wunderkind Slick Rick Neuheisel. Do you know the colors that the UCLA Bruins wear? It is BABY BLUE and gold!  Unknowingly you made those that played your little dress-up game look like they support a university that could very well have three guys that dissed the institution you and/or your parents are spending thousands of dollars for you to attend!

After storming the field with the lame baby blues glittering brightly in another beautiful Boulder afternoon, hopefully Taylor and his army felt like the hypocrites they appeared to be on TV.  Try just slapping some corn cobs on your head and hitching up your overalls and call it a day next time.

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Bored Sportswriters Find Story at CU

Posted by The Minkster on November 5, 2009

Scott running for daylightSportswriters and sportscasters that cover the Colorado sports scene are obviously jonzing for some controversy.  The Broncos have started 6-1 to quiet the McKid bashing, the Nuggets are off to their best start as a franchise at 5-0, and the baby Avs lead the NHL in points.  Couple that with the fact no local pro players (e.g., Brandon Marshall and JR Smith) have gotten into any legal trouble recently and these guys are worried their lead stories will be follow-ups to the Buffs cross country team’s disappointing second place finish in the Big 12 Championships!  Oh, but there’s more gold in them there Flatirons.  Darrell Scott just laid a big palet of fodder at their collective doorsteps by quitting the CU football team in the middle of a challenging season. 

The sky is obviously falling on Dan Hawkins and the CU football program because Scott, a back-up running back, has decided to leave Boulder to return to sunny So Cal.  Those who are shocked haven’t been paying attention.  Probably the biggest factor for the five star recruit picking CU over Texas was the fact his uncle, Josh Smith, was a rising star receiver for the Buffs.  After Smith transferred this past summer, and Scott was not only injured but backing up Speedy, it is no surprise the kid bolted the Rocky Mountains.  I’m sure 2 feet of snow in late October along with a 2-6 record didn’t do anything to sway him towards staying.

It certainly isn’t a shot in the arm for this beleaguered football team, but college players are in and out of programs all the time.  Think about the lives of five star recruits – they are hormonal teenagers with huge egos that are blown-up bigger and bigger as major schools tell them how great they are and how each of them will be the star of their respective teams (Can you say Heisman?).  Scott was no different, but the problem was he didn’t see Speedy coming down the tracks.  There were other contributors to Scott’s unhappiness in the People’s Republic. 

  •  The budding star transferred into another L.A. high school for his senior year, so loyalty to a struggling program is not in his repertoire. 
  • Scott was out of shape when he came to CU as a freshman after missing camp because of academics.  That lead to a slow start and probably contributed to his injuries last year.
  • Hagan was hard on Scott when he got here and told him to earn a starting spot by working hard. Don’t think anyone has ever told him he actually had to EARN a starting job.
  • He missed the support of uncle Josh who transferred to UCLA during this past summer to pursue a degree in media arts (he wanted to study film production). 

Sometimes a kid needs a new start, so maybe he’ll be successful on Slick Rick’s sunny campus. Meanwhile, Hawk gets no credit for recruiting Speedy who was getting offers from D2 schools and has been an amazing back especially given the poor O line play.  He gave Speedy a scholarship and gave him a chance to start despite landing Scott who was supposed to follow Salaam onto the Heisman stage.  Giving everyone on the team a fair shake should give you the best opportunity to win.Sumler against Nebraska in 2008

I know the Colorado sports talking heads are twisting the story around to say that it will hurt Hawkins on the recruiting trail, but I disagree.  High school kids want to play in college and with Scott leaving any incoming freshman will have a good shot at eventually starting.  Good luck at winning a national championship at UCLA in the next three years.  CU still has good depth at tailback to finish off 2009 and I would like to see junior Demetrius Sumler get a chance to carry the ball again.  Sometimes divas are best left in Hollywood.

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Dolls High Seed in Regionals

Posted by The Minkster on September 28, 2009

If you are a Colorado sports fan you know that the Rox are leading the Wild Card race in the NL, the Denver Broncos are sitting atop the AFC West at 3-0 and the Rapids control their own playoff destiny, but did you know our very

Shotgun Betties vs Slamazons

Shotgun Betties vs Slamazons

own Denver Roller Dolls Mile High Club is ranked #2 in the West Region by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)?  Next weekend the Roller Dolls will host the Western Regional Roller Derby Tournament (Derby on the Rocks) at the Bladium, which is the last of four regional tournaments where teams can earn a spot in the finals in Philadelphia the weekend of November 13-15 to crown a national champion.  If you aren’t familiar with the 21st century version of roller derby, it has the atmosphere of a Mammoth game, timing aspects of soccer, shot clocks as in basketball, line changes similar to hockey, and the quick scorign and contact of arena football.  No fake WWE throwdowns here – these girls hit concrete when they land!

If you haven’t been to a match you should go check it out.  The sport has evolved over the last five years here in Denver, and I’ve seen a big jump in skill level, game knowledge, strategy and overall talent.  There are three home teams in Denver (Bad Apples, Green Barrettes, and Shotgun Betties) along with the All-Star travel team Mile High Club.  During the season they compete against each other along with Colorado teams from outside Denver metro and across the country.  The Roller Dolls season runs from March to November, and each player pays ($40/month) for the opportunity to get the crap knocked out of her while circling a flat track on the old-fashioned four-wheel skates.  Players must tryout then be chosen to particpate in the one month training camp called the Dollhouse, after successful completion they are eligible to be drafted by one of the regular teams.  If a player isn’t drafted she can continue to improve her skills at practices and test up into the A or travel teams anytime during the season. 

Green Barrettes vs Bad Apples

Green Barrettes vs Bad Apples

These players must show they can do more than skate backwards to “Let It Whip”, they are put through a set of drills including cone sprints, jumps, falls and hitting skills.  Yes, there is a strategy to falling.  The league currently has about 100 active players who practice four days per week for a couple of hours each session.  The Dolls work on agility, endurance, derby skills and core body strengthening.  Many were speed skaters or hockey players in their younger years, but anyone with a competitive spirit and desire to smash into someone can tryout.

There is one local match remaining (Oct. 24) in the season between the Bad Apples and Shotgun Betties to crown the Dolls league champion coupled with a men’s bout.  The early match-up pitted the Denver Shotgun Betties against the Pikes Peak Slamazons up from the Springs.  The visitors were overmatched, but the wispy and agile Clitty Clitty Bang! Bang! did her best to put points on the board for the ‘Zons.  Too many good jammers (those are the speedsters and only member of the team that can score) on the Betties, and the marked difference in strategic maneuvers and skill level made this match lopsided in favor of the home team.  The final score was 185-39. 

The second game of the double header had two Denver teams face off with the Bad Apples taking on the Green Barrettes.  It was a close match in the early going, but the Apples had a good lead on the Barrettes by halftime.  It looked like it was going to turn into another blowout until the Barrettes

Green Barrettes vs. Bad Apples

Green Barrettes vs. Bad Apples

made a late run to close the gap.  With a little over three minutes left to play the Barrettes had the lead jammer (the only player that can score points in a jam) and were positioned to potentially grab enough points to take the lead, but Coach Joe Mamma called off the jam (only the lead jammer can do that prior to the two minutes expiring in a jam).  I’m guessing he thought he could get a better match-up in the next jam, but Fonda Payne lapped the pack like they were in an 80’s roller rink and racked up 20+ points before the two minutes mercifully expired.  Fonda Payne had been racking up points for the Apples all night, but she was knifing through the opponents blockers like they were hot butter in that late pivotal jam.  The Green Barrettes made a final push in the last two minutes, but couldn’t overcome Fonda Payne and her Bad Apples for a final score of 141-133. 

The Roller Dolls play their regular season games at the Denver Coliseum (family friendly venue) and the Filmore (16 years of age and over only) where PBR, nachos and pretzles are standard fare.  The Western Regionals will be played at the Bladium on October 2-4, and either one day or three day passes to the event are available.  You will be impressed by the athleticism and strategy of today’s roller derby and I encourage you to go support our local Dolls this weekend.

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Westword Gets Its Sports Talk On

Posted by The Minkster on September 18, 2009

Joe Tone of the Westword and blogger Vince Grzegorek discuss biggest loser in upcoming Broncos vs Browns game this weeked. Hysterical!!

Latest Word

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