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Thanks for the Ride Nuggets!

Posted by The Minkster on May 30, 2009

Well, the Nuggets looked like the pre-Chauncey team last night in a must win game against the hated Lakers and unceremoniously ended their playoff run.  It was an anticlimactic ending to a season and post-season that excited the city and region.  The good guys in baby blue didn’t play Thuggets basketball and went ice cold when they needed key baskets.  Other than the horrible officiating and the We Love the Lakers ESPN broadcast crew calling the Conference Finals it was a fun run.

I called up my buddy the day Chauncey was traded to the Nuggets and told him I was so psyched that Smooth was coming home!  My prediction on that day?  Billups and the Nuggets would make it to the Western Conference Finals and lose to the Lakers.  Yesterday I was hoping that part of the prediction was wrong, but alas I was painfully correct.  Anyway, it was a fun season and it was so great to have Denver’s native son leading the home town team through an unexpected long trip deep into the playoffs.  It is highly doubtful this team will be back together next year, but hopefully another long post-season appearance is in the cards.


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Will New Manager be Answer for the Rox?

Posted by The Minkster on May 30, 2009

Finally Clint Hurdle got the ax that the media had been predicting since the horrible April play of the Rockies.  With the slow start and underperforming bats the powers that be in the Rockies organization decided it was time for a change after 7 years.  Although Hurdle only led the team to the playoffs once during his tenure it was all the way to the World Series in Disney fashion.

It seems Clint was well liked by the players, management and in the community, but at some point even nice guys have to be competitive.  I hate to see him go, but it seems the right time for a change.  Clint has been offered a spot in the front office, but he’s not ready to make that decision yet.  It remains to be seen whether Tracy will lose the interim title, but a new face at the helm will probably light a fire under the boys in purple.   There is a lot of baseball left, so Rockies have plenty of time to make a run and don’t have to wait until September to do it.

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Random Memorial Weekend Thoughts

Posted by The Minkster on May 23, 2009

I’m trying to be productive waiting in great anticipation for tonight’s Nuggets/LA game, so thought I would share a few thoughts on other sports. 

Avs – If you look at past pro all-stars across the big four that try their hand at coaching it probably splits 50/50 in regards to success rate.  My personal feeling is that great players have another level when it comes to drive,and passion, which is something you can’t teach.  It also doesn’t translate motivationally from position of fellow teammate to coach.  That is why I don’t want to see Patty Roy come back behind the Avs bench.  His legacy is between the posts and not behind the pine, so Lecroix please don’t spoil that memory for us.  Which brings me to the other elephant in the room, and yes I think Pierre has run his course in the NHL.  He was great putting together teams when he didn’t have a budget, but he just doesn’t get this new math.  Denver appreciates what he did, but I think it is time for him to move along as well.  Time for us to retire those sweaters and break out the new ones in the post lockout NHL.

NFL – Did you hear about Ryan Leaf, former Chargers QB, getting arrested in Texas?  Wow, can a guy screw up his life more than this guy has.  Even Micheal Vick could lace them up on Sunday and scare the bajesusout of defensive coordinators.  Another guy with all the opportunity thrown on the trash heap.  Maybe he and Travis Henry can start a support group DARATPIAA (Dumb Ass Rich Athletes That Pissed It All Away). 

Golf – Shout out to the DU women’s golf team that placed 5th in the NCAA’s.  You go girls!

PGA – How much is Tiger paying his current golf coach?  Wonder what the odds are in Vegas that Tiger fires him before the end of this season.  Maybe it was the bad knee that keep his hips from coming through the ball too soon/late which kept the ball mostly in the fairway.  Now that he has more flexibility there is more room for error.  Hmmm, something to ponder.

That’s it for now.  Gotta go get a table at the local sports bar to watch the game with all my Denver homies.  Go Nuggets!!

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Smooth Uses HS Move to Drive Nugs Win

Posted by The Minkster on May 22, 2009

Not sure if you grew up a high school Denver hoops fan or have caught it on one of the many video outlets (e.g.,, but Smooth (aka Mr. Big Shot) used an old high school inbounds trick to pull the Nuggets to within 1 right before halftime of Game 2 in the Western Conference Finals.  With the ball on their own baseline and only a few seconds left in the half, Chauncey was looking for Melo but he was being blanketed by Koby who had his back completely turned to Billups.  Feeling the 5 seconds ticking away Smooth reached back into his high school back o’ tricks and bounced the ball off of Koby’s back, grabbed the ricochet and laid up an easy deuce.  It was that much sweeter for Nuggets fans that it bounced off #24.

The Nuggets looked like the AI led team of old in the first 1 1/2 quarters, but finally woke up and kicked it into gear by going on a 14-2 run right before the half.   Since I’m blatantly a Nuggy homer I can tell you the refs didn’t make it any easier for our boys in baby blue.  It was ridiculous that Dahntay Jones picked up 4 fouls before he broke a sweat.  For much of the night the Nuggets were getting called for ticky tack fouls and the Lakers had to pull a WWE wrestling move to get tagged.  Also, as I was twittering with my local sports buddies during the game there were multiple wishes of bodily injury directed towards the announcing table.  One referenced something about charred remains in an alley dumpster.  Anyway, the idiots that ESPN put in the broadcast booth not only had Koby crushes but were chastising the refs for calling obvious fouls against their homies.  I don’t ever remember hearing such favoritism in a nationally televised game.  Maybe Kronke can sneak Scott Hastings into the booth this weekend.

Lastly, I wish the media would stop covering the stunts and grunts spewed by WWE representatives.  Nobody in the Rocky Mountain region cares if McMahon cheers for the Lakers and moved his Clydesdale show to Staples.  If the WWE shuttered its doors tomorrow maybe those potbellied, beer guzzling, rednecks would actually get up off the couch for more than a beer/pee break, and teenage boys would stop beating the crap out of each other trying emulate their roid hero.  Hope McMahon enjoys those purple and gold jerseys for the next week, because he won’t have reason to wear it come June.

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Rockets and Home Court

Posted by The Minkster on May 15, 2009

Okay, I understand that bandwagon Nuggets fans are so hyped up about the team that they think these boys in baby blue can take down the Lakers and want that match-up in the Conference Finals.  It would be great to beat the Lakers and head off to the championship game, but the Nuggets could slide back into their old ways on the road and easily lose the series.  I’m not taking the easy way out, but I want home court advantage and an injury riddled Houston team in the Finals.  These Chauncey lead Nuggets kick tail at home in the Can and can beat anyone, but they are a different team on the road and against the Lakers – home or away.

I know what you’re saying, but CO Sports Chick these guys are on a roll and have a swagger they didn’t have during the regular season.  That is true, but if Koby starts draining treys that opens the middle and the much improved Denver D still doesn’t have a way to stop the Lakers scoring machine.  The upside is that the Lakers have been acting like a cat playing with a mouse instead of going in for the kill, so now the series has been pushed to 7 games.  With fresh legs the Nuggets should take game one no matter who they play, but then it will get interesting.

So, Sunday afternoon I’ll be one of the biggest Rockets fans in Colorado, but don’t expect me to don Nebraska red for the day (I don’t even own any clothing that color).  No matter which team pulls out the win Chauncey has the biggest challenge of his career ahead of him in winning one for the hometown fans.  Go Nuggets!

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Cuban Stinks and I’m Not Talking Cigars

Posted by The Minkster on May 12, 2009

There are all kinds of ways to motivate a team on the ropes and Mark Cuban chose to take the Yo’ Momma route.  Instead of coming up with good playground banter in the “yo momma’s so fat…” or “yo momma’s so ugly…” categories Cuban throws down the gauntlet with Kmart’s mom!  Your kid’s a thug?!  All this hoopla over that lame line?  No doubt Vegas would favor momma if they got in the ring together.  What Cuban did do was get the Dallas crowd into it and lit a spark under his soon to be on vacation Mavs.  The best revenge for Kmart is show up on the offensive side of the ball tomorrow night and help send the Mavs packing.  Hopefully the Denver fans will show more class than those in Dallas by not throwing things (such as fists), and push that decibel reading past the DIA level.

Enough about cigars, do you think Shannon Sharpe being inducted into the Bronco’s Ring of Fame ( during the first home regular season game of the new McKid era is a coincidence?  Me thinks not!  After a crazy off-season the fans need a warm fuzzy and Shannon is the best guy to bring it.  Not sure if he’ll call up the president during his induction speech, but it is sure to be entertaining even if the game isn’t.

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Tipoff with the CO Sports Chick

Posted by The Minkster on May 11, 2009

Hey fellow sports fans!  I finally got my blog up and running, so I can share more than a Tweet with you and my friends.  Plus, as my sports buddies know I usually have more to say about any given Colorado sports issue than 140 characters worth.

So, to wrap-up the weekend I’m going to just hit a couple of issues because it is getting late. 

  • Roy as GM or coach of the Avs is a bad decision.  Loved him as a player, but don’t think he has the temperament or patience to handle the bench.  Can’t you see him jumping across the table at another GM pulling the guy’s sport coat over his head when negotiations get heated.
  • Give Hurdle more than a month before everyone starts the annual Alice in Wonderland head chopping cries.  Not only were the Rox on the road most of April, but they had a tough schedule on top of it.  Going 0-8 in 1 run games doesn’t mean the season is lost, but it does mean the youngsters in purple need more time to get their engines going and gel.  If Don Baylor can’t work his magic with the Rox bats by the All-Star break, then let’s look at jumping down that rabbit hole.
  • Don’t hand the Nuggets the series win yet, but definitely get cocky about it.  I’m pretty sure the entire town would love a sweep while the Rockets/Lakers go 7, but I’ll take the series in 5 so we wrap up at home.
  • I’m not even going to try and guess what is going on over at Dove Valley, but looking forward to camp and the first game that counts in September.  The pre-season tumble against da Bears will be a great chance to boo Jay for a series or two, but we won’t know anything about McKid and the new Broncos until that first regular season game.  Maybe we’ll be down to 4 RB’s by then.
  • Too bad DU lost their men’s lacrosse coach he’ll be hard to replace.

That’s all I’ve got for a Sunday night, so hopefully I’ve piqued your interest enough that you’ll come back to read my rantings and share your thoughts with the Colorado Sports Chick.

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