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Buffs Need to Lay Down Some Payback

Posted by The Minkster on October 15, 2010

Do you recall this past summer when college AD’s were once again spinning the Big Wheel to get into the conference Showcase Showdown?  The Fuskers jumped first into the Big Ten (that was 11 and now 12 members strong), which left the 11 players in the Big 12 scrambling as rumors started flying about CU bolting to the Pac 10.  For awhile there was talk of combining the Pac 10 and Big 12 into some supernova conference, but when it became clear to Texas and Oklahoma they would have to take the same cut from the till as all the other teams they took their toys and went home.  While all these dust devils were swirling around down south the Baylor supporters saw the writing on the wall and figured they would be one of the teams not invited to the left-hand coast conference, so they tried to go all “39 Steps” on the Pac 10 by handcuffing the school to the Longhorns while minimizing CU athletics. 

Obviously getting the governor of Texas involved didn’t produce the intended outcome, but it looks like it probably worked out the best for everyone anyway.  Of course, taking the high road isn’t very much fun if you can settle the score on the gridiron or hardwood.  This will probably be the last time the Bears visit the heathen hamlet of Boulder, so the Buffs need to step up and throw the hammer down on these boys!  I know the secondary is depleted, but the offense should be able to play ball control and keep it out of the hands of Robert Griffin who can sling it and run it.  The dude finished third in the 400 meter hurdles at the 2008 NCAA Outdoor Championships!  The Buffs need to keep this guy in the pocket and hope the young backs can make some plays.  In the end, it will be another beautiful fall day in Colorado watching the sun go down over the Flatirons, and win or lose we’ll never have to go back to Waco.


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Time for Hawk to Soar

Posted by The Minkster on October 27, 2009

Can you say "NutriSystems"

Can you say NutraSystem?

Coach Hawkins held a long press conference today in hopes of calming the pitchfork carrying mob at the gates of Folsom at least until after Turkey Day leftovers are eaten.  I’m not sure it worked, but I much prefered the Hawk Love approach to dealing with his team’s adversity versus Texas Tech’s Mike Leach blaming the cellulite challenged girlfriends of Red Raider players for the 52-30 loss to rival A&M last week.  To clarify, Leach was trying to make the point that he and his coaching staff were not getting through to the players and his young steeds were listening to people tell them how good they were instead of executing on the field. 

I don’t have an issue with calling out players behind closed doors or to the media if they go rogue and break laws/rules, but to try and make a point by insulting the female students who date ball players at Texas Tech is a little too Fred Flintstone for my tastes.  Hey Leach the Peach, you might want to check into signing up for Danny Boy’s NutriSystem for Men before you start grading the waistline of the student body.  Not sure if you’re a hunter, but don’t go out into the woods dressed in camouflage in late November someone might mistake that waddle for a potential Thanksgiving Day bird.

Now, let’s think about some excuses Mikey could’ve come up with that would have been much more entertaining and frankly more believable.

  • Matthew McConaughey took a road trip  to Lubbock last week in his Streamline, snuck onto campus unnoticed, and poured a cocktail of aphrodisiacs into your boy’s Gatorade stash.
  • Your wife’s Cosmo was the only thing to read while on the throne Sunday morning and your horoscope said, “Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and squares Saturn on October 24”, so that was why your team was embarrassed at home by the hated Aggies.
  • You wandered in the desert on Saturday night guzzling agave margs and had an epiphany that it was “sex” NOT “football” that males in their late teens and early twenties think about every seven seconds!
  • The skinny cheerleader told her boyfriend the waterboy, who told the equipment manager, who told the coaching staff that Tech was hosting Baylor on Saturday, so you were totally shocked when the Aggies ran out onto the field!

Red Raider fans and alumni must be so proud.  Dan Hawkins might not have the Buffs back on the winning track just yet, but at least he takes responsibility for his team and actions.  The Colorado coach said he had made mistakes, was frustrated and wanted the team to be further along in its development, but he was going to dig in and continue to work hard.  He’s no Superman, but he’s our Hawk and I’m pulling for the good guy to win in the end.

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