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Every Team Needs a Little Luck

Posted by The Minkster on October 4, 2010

It was a big weekend for Colorado football fans with CU, Air Force and the Broncos posting big wins.  They were all close, hard-fought games and the victors deserved the prized “W” earned after the final whistle.  No sports writer/blogger/sportscaster can take away a win, but he/she can certainly belittle the team and downplay the effort.  What is with everyone ripping our Colorado boys because they didn’t crush the opponent by 50 points?

The Buffs made some mistakes at Folsom Field, but so did the Dawgs.  CU made fewer mistakes and made plays when needed in order to walk off the field as a winner.  The defense was looking for UGA’s staple running play figuring they would use it to run down the clock at the end of the game and they had the right guy in the right spot to make a play when it counted.  Let’s enjoy a big win against a formidable SEC opponent and relish a fun trip down memory lane with visits from the 1990 championship team for one more week.

I thought the scoreboard at the Air Force Academy would look more like a slot machine this weekend with Navy in town but defense ruled the day.  Not only did the Zoomies keep the Midshipmen out of the end zone, but ended a 15 game winning streak by the Middies over its fellow academy brethren.  I’m sure the brisk thin air in the Springs felt thick and heavy to Air Force on Saturday given that this year’s team had the best chance of winning this match-up since the seniors have donned the uniforms.  Again it wasn’t pretty, but the coaches had Jamal Cooks working on his punt blocking leap this year and it paid off big on Saturday.  Time to bring that Commander-in-Chief’s trophy back out to the West where it belongs.

On Sunday there was more second guessing of McKid’s play calling, but again the Broncos made plays when it counted and earned a win.  I’m not saying there weren’t some ugly parts to the game (e.g., special teams and running game), but the Titans didn’t exactly burn up the field either.  Instead of looking at the negatives I’m thinking how good this team could be if they could just get the running game going.  If Orton can post Kurt Warner like numbers for the rest of the season then the Broncos are in position to win the West.  Everyone and their grandmothers know Denver needs to figure out the red zone and how to create space on running plays, so I’m sure McKid will have his coaches bleary-eyed and caffeinated up in order to improve in those areas.  Again, let’s enjoy a tough win over a good team and start copping a ‘tude about our home teams instead of acting like Philadelphia fans.

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QBs Show Nothing In 1st Meaningless Game

Posted by The Minkster on August 16, 2009

Hmmm, preseason could be interesting.

Hmmm, NFL preseason

Typically this time of year NFL fans are getting excited about the start of the season, following the progress of their team’s top draft picks, and hoping no key players get hurt in meaningless games or practice.  This preseason, however, is definitiely the most exciting in recent memory. 

Yes, fans still have to pay ridiculous prices for practice games and the beer is just as expensive, but there is more drama in the sports page than the last installment of The Bachelor.  And, it’s not just here in Denver there is fun to be had all over the NFL.

  • Let’s start with the most recent headline grabber, which was Michael Vick being signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.  With three QBs already on their roster and a healthy Donovan McNabb, many were scratching their heads wondering WTF?!   Many questions are flying around and Andy Reid isn’t answering any of them.  How will they use Vick – maybe a slash type role?  Is he in football shape?  Will he be a distraction to the team?  Will dog lovers picket every away game?  Did Goodell make the right decision to even let this guy back into the NFL?  Can Vick stay out of trouble and take advantage of a great second chance?
  • The Tennessee Titans have a QB contest going on after Vince Young looked strong in the first preseason game.  The ex-Horn star threw a fit on the sidelines last year and was generally acting like a 5-year-old throughout most of last season.   Apparently he has had an attitude adjustment and wants to challenge veteran Kerry Collins for the starting job.
  • What kind of team can the Lions put together after setting the record for futility last season finishing 0-16?  They beat one of last year’s surprise teams, the Atlanta Falcons, 27-26 yesterday in their first preseason tilt.  With a new coaching staff, GM and revamped roster lead by veteran QB Daunte Culpepper, who is healthy and in the best shape in a long time, these aren’t your bag wearin’ Lions any longer.  You won’t want to nap during this year’s Thanksgiving game in the Motor City against Green Bay.
  • Having no problems with sloppy seconds, the Vikings decided to do the retirement dance with Brett Favre this year but were left without a date when he retired again.  Now the Viks have a QB battle between Sage Rosenfels, who looked good against the Colts in a 13-3 win, and Tarvaris Jackson. 

    Like sands thru the hourglass...

    Like sands thru the hourglass...

  • Kansas City was looking for help at the QB position after a two win season in 2008 and went after Matt Cassel, who played well in relief for the injured  Tom Brady in New England last year.  No one questioned the move for the Chiefs, but everyone is wondering if this guy that never started a game in college was successful because of the system or was he for real.  Then the Chefs lost their mind!  Before he was even declared the starter for new head coach Todd Haley, Kansas City signed him to a 6 year deal worth over $60 million.  Wow!  Did you come into some interesting pictures of the owner, Matt?
  • Of course, all of Bronco Nation knows about Matt and how the dominoes fell when Josh McDaniels was hired as the new head coach.  The first preseason game for Orton and Cutler was less than stellar, so we will have to wait and see how things play out on August 30th when the Bears visit Mile High.  Both will have had more time to learn new systems and get comfortable with the guys, so I don’t think the NFL will be disappointed making it the Sunday night game and only contest of the day.

Nothing like a little drama to make August football a little interesting.  Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our NFL.

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