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Raiders Record Book Day is Wake-up Call

Posted by The Minkster on October 25, 2010

That is the most embarrassing display of Broncos football I’ve ever seen, and that’s because I wasn’t even a zygote when Denver set the team record for defensive futility after being blasted by 59 points in 1963.  If you haven’t heard, the only other shellacking like that was at the hands of the KC Chiefs at DU’s Hilltop Stadium with final scoreboard reading 59-7 in favor of the bad buys.  It wasn’t just that the Broncos didn’t show up on Sunday, but that it was handed down by the 2-4 Jason Campbell led Raiders!  Really?!  The guys cashing Bowlen signed paychecks better be doing a whole lot of soul-searching on that long plane ride to London or they might be looking for jobs in the new collective bargaining agreement adjusted NFL next year. 

Josh McDaniels

On a wild ride with McKid

I do have to say that McKid did step up and take full responsiblity for looking like he trotted out the Duke University football team onto Mile High turf.  Not that he could deflect much responsibility, but he didn’t use the media to berate any players or fellow coaches.  I’m guessing he won’t have to educate the team on what exactly “hated rivalry” means and inspire his team to get up for Raiders week come mid-December.  The Shanny payback inspiration is gone, but hopefully McKid has found his own reason to hate Raider Nation.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I just have to put in a small plug for Joshy and his new orange and blue toy.  It’s too easy to pick on a guy that looks like he can still fit into his high school prom tux and borrows his dad’s car to take his wife out to Sonic on Friday night dates.  That’s because I wish someone had enough faith in me and given me the opportunity at that age to soar like an eagle or crash and burn like a bad Jackass stunt.  Aren’t we all hard on the kid because there is just a tinge of jealousy coloring our orange sunglasses? 

There will be growing pains, but I see great potential for this team and its Doogie Howser leader.  McKid really isn’t any worse than the mediocrity that had come to describe Shanny’s post-Elway teams.  And, his start is like another Bronco head coach that ended up being pretty good – Dan Reeves (4 Super Bowl appearances as a head coach).  McKid’s record is 10-13 to this point with more than half the 2010 season left and the AFC West still up for grabs.  Dan was 12-13 in his first two seasons as the youngest head coach (37) in the NFL then took the Broncos to the playoffs the next year as a wild card team.  Let’s give Josh a break and see where this joy ride takes us.  If this team has any pride at all I’d hate to be the 49ers this weekend.  We shall soon find out the character of the 2010 Broncos.


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Way To Go Plaxico!

Posted by The Minkster on August 20, 2009



Can I just tell you how much I love Plaxico, Vick, Favre and the Raiders’ coaching staff!?  If it wasn’t for the screw-ups and divas all over the NFL the Broncos constant preseason drama would be the lead NFL story on ESPN every night.  As it is, only the local media are constantly covering the daily happenings in Broncoland.

When it comes down to it, the Broncos are in pretty good shape and should be interesting to watch this year.  The boys in orange and blue have two solid experienced QB’s, a young coach that is considered one of the brightest offensive minds in the league, a bevy of good running backs and receivers, one of the best O lines in the NFL and an improved D (just because they really can’t get much worse).  The only real issue isn’t who starts at QB (if the Donks are winning Miles could be under center and no one would care), but if the team can keep whiny Baby TO from being a distraction.

Mike and John after SB win

Mike and John after SB win

Unlike Shanny who played with the media like a cat toys with a mouse, McKid is all work and no say.  He has a ton of pressure to win during his first year with 42 new roster additions and a complete revamp of the offense, defense and special teams, so he wants to stay focused on turning the team into a winner.  Let’s not forget that Mikey was 8-8 in his first year at the helm of the Broncos and had John Elway as his field general. 

There really isn’t that much drama at Dove Valley, it’s that there is only so much a sports reporter can write about the clean-cut Rockies staying in the playoff hunt into late August.  So, Bronco fans raise a glass to the crazy happenings in the NFC and Raiderville.  Savor the suspense of waiting until September 13 to see what Bowlen’s new toy is like just as you would anticipate Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning.

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