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Denver Sports More Fun Off The Field

Posted by The Minkster on December 8, 2010

Rox fan

It's a happy winter for Rox fans

It used to be about this time of year I’m deciding if I can work out a trip to watch the Buffs in their bowl game, anxious about whether the Broncos can win the West or have to go to the playoffs as a Wild Card, and reading that the Rockies did nothing at the Winter Meetings.  Times sure have changed!  Instead I’m contemplating who will be captaining the HindenBUFF and BRONCOtania in the near future while watching the Rockos wheel and deal their way through the offseason.  Have I been beamed into a parallel dimension.

At this point we know it will be an all-star Buffaloes alum coaching staff undertaking the arduous task of leading a beleaguered gridiron team into the Pac-10/12 next fall.  I don’t know if it will work – heck I thought Hawk was a good hire – but it has to be better than the last regime.  Even if these guys that bleed black and gold don’t win big I can’t see the haters digging the fangs in too deep on one of their own. 

Did you see the firing of McKid coming, because I sure didn’t?  I figured he might be gone after this season or Bowlen would keep him on another year figuring a lockout was a high probability relieving the Broncos of carrying three head coaches on the payroll.  Didn’t figure Little Hoodie would be packing up his office this week!    This will certainly be an interesting hire and, despite some naysayers, Dove Valley is still a coveted office in which to hang glory days pictures.

What about those Rockies!  Signing Tulo to a Heltonesque contract was a great move and keeping the #2 pitcher De La Rosa was impressive.  They still need another bat, but it looks like the guys in purple ties are mixing and mingling instead of watching pay-per-view in their hotel rooms at the Winter Meetings.  The Coors Field crew is even going after Michael Young currently under contract with the Rangers.  It’s crazy, but I actually have confidence that the Rox will sign a bat and a safety net for the Iannetta Project.  Ho ho ho, I wish us a merry Christmas Denver fans.

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Counting Feathers After Turkey Weekend

Posted by The Minkster on December 1, 2010

Broncos fan for the night

My Steelers fan cousin in Broncos jersey after losing bet.

Now that the Buffs’ painful football season and Hawk era of love are officially over up in Boulder it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of where Colorado sports are as we sleigh ride into the holidays.  Although the only Colorado team to show-up on the gridiron this fall was the Zoomies, it is still the most wonderful time of the year for sports fans.  Let’s take a moment to rate the teams that strap’em on and sweat for our entertainment during this time of year.  One Rudolph means shopping on Black Friday morning at Cherry Creek Mall would be less painful than watching a game, and five Rudolphs mean you would be forgiven if you traded your child’s sold-out-for-months hot Christmas toy for a ticket to the big game.

  • Air Force Academy Football – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Avalanche – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Rapids – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Broncos – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Nuggets – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Football – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Denver Hockey – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • CU, DU, AFA Men’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • DU and AFA Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer

EVERYBODY GIVE IT UP FOR THE RAPIDS – YOUR 2010 MLS CHAMPS!!  I know soccer can be painful to watch in general, but the championship match against Dallas was a great game with the intensity you would expect in a title bout between two scrappy underdog teams.  Show your love next season for the only Colorado pro team to bring home hardware since the Mammoth had a Gait on the sideline by going to the pitch at Dick’s next spring.

No need to rehash football except to congratulate the Zoomies on bringing the Commander’s Trophy back to the front range.  Two wings up boys!  Looks like the best basketball team in the state might be the CU women roundballers, but they have a tough Big 12 gauntlet to maneuver through including a visit from the Baylor Bears – a team that should’ve ended U Conn’s NCAA record-setting win streak a couple of weeks ago.  I’m excited about the new Boyle regime up in Boulder, but it will take some time to recruit and get his system in place.  The Pios are a young hockey team and keep getting better as the season progresses.  Definitely catch a game at Magness this season.

Back to the pro teams, the Nuggets have been banged up but should keep the playoff streak alive with or without Melo.  The Avs look like a playoff team although still very young and have had to make some trades due to injuries, but catch these guys when they are playing like Sacco says they are capable of and they’ll put one up in the W column.  We should see the “A” in the playoffs again this year and hopefully into the second round.  And last but not least the Rox!  They’re playin’ when they’re not playin’, know what I’m sayin’?  With the lifetime signing of Tulo, getting a deal done with Rosey and actively shopping for a big bat the Rockies are more exciting than McKid’s gang on Sunday afternoon.

Dear Santa, my wish list is short this year: Les Miles hired by the Buffs, Melo signs the Nuggets new contract, the Rox bring Adam Dunn to the Mile High City and Bowlen brings on Elway to help McKid with talent evaluation (see John’s success as Crush owner).  What’s on your sports wish list this holiday season?

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Raiders Record Book Day is Wake-up Call

Posted by The Minkster on October 25, 2010

That is the most embarrassing display of Broncos football I’ve ever seen, and that’s because I wasn’t even a zygote when Denver set the team record for defensive futility after being blasted by 59 points in 1963.  If you haven’t heard, the only other shellacking like that was at the hands of the KC Chiefs at DU’s Hilltop Stadium with final scoreboard reading 59-7 in favor of the bad buys.  It wasn’t just that the Broncos didn’t show up on Sunday, but that it was handed down by the 2-4 Jason Campbell led Raiders!  Really?!  The guys cashing Bowlen signed paychecks better be doing a whole lot of soul-searching on that long plane ride to London or they might be looking for jobs in the new collective bargaining agreement adjusted NFL next year. 

Josh McDaniels

On a wild ride with McKid

I do have to say that McKid did step up and take full responsiblity for looking like he trotted out the Duke University football team onto Mile High turf.  Not that he could deflect much responsibility, but he didn’t use the media to berate any players or fellow coaches.  I’m guessing he won’t have to educate the team on what exactly “hated rivalry” means and inspire his team to get up for Raiders week come mid-December.  The Shanny payback inspiration is gone, but hopefully McKid has found his own reason to hate Raider Nation.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I just have to put in a small plug for Joshy and his new orange and blue toy.  It’s too easy to pick on a guy that looks like he can still fit into his high school prom tux and borrows his dad’s car to take his wife out to Sonic on Friday night dates.  That’s because I wish someone had enough faith in me and given me the opportunity at that age to soar like an eagle or crash and burn like a bad Jackass stunt.  Aren’t we all hard on the kid because there is just a tinge of jealousy coloring our orange sunglasses? 

There will be growing pains, but I see great potential for this team and its Doogie Howser leader.  McKid really isn’t any worse than the mediocrity that had come to describe Shanny’s post-Elway teams.  And, his start is like another Bronco head coach that ended up being pretty good – Dan Reeves (4 Super Bowl appearances as a head coach).  McKid’s record is 10-13 to this point with more than half the 2010 season left and the AFC West still up for grabs.  Dan was 12-13 in his first two seasons as the youngest head coach (37) in the NFL then took the Broncos to the playoffs the next year as a wild card team.  Let’s give Josh a break and see where this joy ride takes us.  If this team has any pride at all I’d hate to be the 49ers this weekend.  We shall soon find out the character of the 2010 Broncos.

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Every Team Needs a Little Luck

Posted by The Minkster on October 4, 2010

It was a big weekend for Colorado football fans with CU, Air Force and the Broncos posting big wins.  They were all close, hard-fought games and the victors deserved the prized “W” earned after the final whistle.  No sports writer/blogger/sportscaster can take away a win, but he/she can certainly belittle the team and downplay the effort.  What is with everyone ripping our Colorado boys because they didn’t crush the opponent by 50 points?

The Buffs made some mistakes at Folsom Field, but so did the Dawgs.  CU made fewer mistakes and made plays when needed in order to walk off the field as a winner.  The defense was looking for UGA’s staple running play figuring they would use it to run down the clock at the end of the game and they had the right guy in the right spot to make a play when it counted.  Let’s enjoy a big win against a formidable SEC opponent and relish a fun trip down memory lane with visits from the 1990 championship team for one more week.

I thought the scoreboard at the Air Force Academy would look more like a slot machine this weekend with Navy in town but defense ruled the day.  Not only did the Zoomies keep the Midshipmen out of the end zone, but ended a 15 game winning streak by the Middies over its fellow academy brethren.  I’m sure the brisk thin air in the Springs felt thick and heavy to Air Force on Saturday given that this year’s team had the best chance of winning this match-up since the seniors have donned the uniforms.  Again it wasn’t pretty, but the coaches had Jamal Cooks working on his punt blocking leap this year and it paid off big on Saturday.  Time to bring that Commander-in-Chief’s trophy back out to the West where it belongs.

On Sunday there was more second guessing of McKid’s play calling, but again the Broncos made plays when it counted and earned a win.  I’m not saying there weren’t some ugly parts to the game (e.g., special teams and running game), but the Titans didn’t exactly burn up the field either.  Instead of looking at the negatives I’m thinking how good this team could be if they could just get the running game going.  If Orton can post Kurt Warner like numbers for the rest of the season then the Broncos are in position to win the West.  Everyone and their grandmothers know Denver needs to figure out the red zone and how to create space on running plays, so I’m sure McKid will have his coaches bleary-eyed and caffeinated up in order to improve in those areas.  Again, let’s enjoy a tough win over a good team and start copping a ‘tude about our home teams instead of acting like Philadelphia fans.

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Need a Job? Broncos Are Hiring!

Posted by The Minkster on January 18, 2010

Here we go again!

For most fans that follow the Broncos it wasn’t a big surprise that two former coaches, now in charge of other NFL teams, decided the time was right for raiding McKid’s cookie jar. After a post bye week implosion and the understandable heated reactions of a thirty something first year head coach, it didn’t take much for Shanny and Kube to lure key staff members away from Dove Valley.

Long-time Bronco and highly respected running backs coach Bobby Turner took a promotion to assistant head coach in Washington is rejoining his old boss Coach Shanahan. Offensive line coach Rick Dennison took his oft imitated and highly effective zone blocking scheme to the Houston Texans. The Oilers Part Deux have been attempting to execute on zone blocking over the last two years and now have the guru in place in an attempt to get Kubiak a contract extension next year.

Now defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has resigned!  He was the first hire of the McDaniels era and engineered an amazing defensive turnaround by switching from a base 4-3 D to a sack happy 3-4. With several head defensive jobs available he will probably land somewhere quickly. With the next D coordinator hire it will be the Broncos 5th in as many years.

Rumors are already flying that McKid will hire another ex-Pat and bring in 60-year-old Dan Pees who will not seek a new contract after his current Boston obligation expires at the end of this month. New England has allowed an average of less than 20 points in regular season games during Pees fours years as defensive coordinator. The Pats had a few meltdown games, most notably against the Ravens in the first round of this year’s playoffs. Overall he is considered a solid football guy.

Fans can’t really blame McDaniels for trying to bring as many chowder heads as possible. There’s no doubt he is overwhelmed in his first full year as the head guy of one of the best multi-million dollar NFL franchises in the league. He can’t afford to waste energy convincing people the Belichick way is the right way, so bringing in a bunch of guys that will not only coach in that mold but players that will preach it in the locker room seems like a smart move. Expect more major player changes (especially in the O line – hey how about a trade with the Skins), and possibly a few more coaching moves in this off-season. If you thought last year was crazy and a roller coaster ride, then save your money on Elitch’s passes because here comes another wild ride!

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Broncos on the Cusp

Posted by The Minkster on December 15, 2009

What a 2009!

It’s been one heck of a ride this year for Broncos fans, which actually began on New Year’s Eve 2008 with the firing of Mike Shanahan!  Mr. Toad has nothing on Bowlen and the Broncos.  Denver fans were stunned when Shanny was let go, but not too many cried over it after the 2008 Broncos became the first NFL team ever to blow a three game lead with three games left since the league started divisional play in 1967.  Then came the surprise hiring of Josh McDaniels as the youngest head coach ever to take the helm of the 50-year-old franchise.  This was followed by a four-month long media feeding frenzy.

The young brash coach wanted to clean house and get the type of players on the roster that he was used to working with in New England.  Having connections to the Patriots, McKid knew there might be an opportunity to bring Matt Cassel (who he knew could run his offense) to Denver and opened talks with the Patriots.  Of course we all know what happened when Baby Jay caught wind of this.  What I want to know is why a QB that has never had a winning season or taken his team to the playoffs was making personnel decisions with Shanny AND labeled a franchise quarterback?  Remember this quote after his coach was canned:

“I was talking to Mike yesterday about personnel moves,” he said in an interview on KCNC-TV in Denver. “I’m as shocked as anybody else. I think it’s the wrong move.”

Hmmm, wonder why neither one of them is no longer with the organization.  Of course, the whole Jaygate fiasco put crazy ideas into Baby TO’s head and he started throwing tantrums in hopes of being traded and subsequently getting mo’ money.  Not only did sitting out put him waaaay behind in learning McKid’s complex new offense, but didn’t give Orton the reps needed to get timing down with the team’s #1 receiver.

Finally B-Marsh joins the team because he can’t afford to sit out, get fined, pay fat attorney fees and pay for an engagement ring on his measly salary.  Pre-season starts and Bronco Nation gets a look at their new team, literally.  There were only 24 players remaining on the roster from the 2008 squad, a totally revamped 3-4 defense led by the fiery veteran Brian Dawkins, and a new quarterback with an average resume managing a New England style offense.  McDaniels was trying to put together a team and still working kinks out during the four meaningless August games, so there were times when it looked like Mullen HS could beat these guys and the boobirds let them know it.

The first real test was at Cincinnati against a future playoff contender and it seemed the Immaculate Deflection gave the Island of Misfit Players some confidence and swagger.  Although fans and media types weren’t giving Santa Josh any kudos it kick started the Broncos on a 6-0 run and soon the bandwagon overflowing.  Then along comes the big bad bye week and a 0-4 stretch characterized by really bad football.  Denver has righted the ship, but fans are never sure which streaky team will show up from week to week.  The boys in blue and orange, and for a couple of weeks brown vertical stripped socks, are still in the playoff hunt.  I’m sure the next three weeks will keep us on the edge of our collective seats, but I don’t see this Bronco team losing the last three games and getting knocked out of the playoffs.  I wonder if Jay will call Bowlen for playoff tickets?

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Lightning Strikes Mile High

Posted by The Minkster on November 23, 2009

Time to worry

The Broncos aren't out, but need to step up!

After that Charger lightning storm Sunday afternoon that had Broncos rearing and running for cover, the fans in orange and blue have every right to start making plans for a January trip to Mexico.  However, looking at the Broncos playoff chances based on the overall record and AFC standings at this point in the season there is still plenty of hope for more games after the season finale at home against the Chiefs. 

If you have actually been watching the rise and fall of the 2009 edition of the Broncos it looks like local sports fans will be turning their attention to the Nuggets and Avs after recovering from an extended New Year’s weekend.  Since the bye week the Denver defense has been in an early gift giving mode handing over yardage, penalties and TDs.  It seems the once number one ranked D couldn’t even stop Hawk’s Buffs now days.  The offense is just as generous with turnovers, penalties, questionable play calling and opening lanes to the QB.  The aggressiveness, passion and focus on execution seem to have gone the way of the Canadian geese.

If you are a glass is half full kind of person and think the guys can right the ship there is still hope.  The Broncos are only one game behind the Chargers in the AFC West after splitting the season’s head-to-head match-ups and currently hold a slight edge in the tiebreaker (2-2 vs 2-3 against common opponents).  It will take more effort from the Broncos over the last six games than will be needed from the Chargers given their respective schedules.  Not only do the good guys have to go back to work with only three days to make much needed repairs, but will be hosting a Giants  team coming off an overtime win against Atlanta which put an end to their own four game losing streak.  Here’s the breakdown.

Giants (6-4) Chiefs (3-7)
at Chiefs (3-7) at Browns (1-9)
at Colts (10-0) at Cowboys (7-3)
Raiders (3-7) Bengals (7-3)
at Eagles (6-4) at Titans (3-6)
Chiefs (3-7) Redskins (3-7)

There is opportunity for the Broncos to overtake the Chargers in the division, but they will need to take care of business and get a little help from other teams. 

I’ve been hearing talk about how pathetic the Broncos are for blowing a 3 1/2 game lead after starting the season 6-0, but few are giving the Chargers credit for turning it around.  Other than the Saints and Colts which are NFL royalty at 10-0, no other team is as hot as the Bolts.  They have won their last five in a row after starting the season 2-3.  There is no other NFL team, outside of the two undefeated clubs, that can match that streak.  There are only five teams with a 4-1 record over that stretch, but eleven other teams (including the Broncos) that have gone 1-4 over the same period with the poor Browns notching a NFL worst 0-5. 

Bottom line is that the Broncos have a decent remaining schedule and enough time to turn it around to take back the AFC West lead, but it has to start this weekend at home against a vulnerable Giants team.  The hometown team is a conundrum.  Let’s hope McKid doesn’t think trading the Pats for Junior Seau before Turkey Day is the solution.

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Cardiac McKids

Posted by The Minkster on October 20, 2009

Ohhh, 6-and-0!

Ohhh, 6-and-0!

Jim Rome went on a tirade about the Broncos being for real at 6-0 and described McDaniels as “the smartest guy in the room,” so this team must be for real!  Most folks in Denver and all the NFL “experts” (except Rod Smith) should go buy some ranch dressing to dip that crow into and grab a cold Coors Light with the blue mountains to wash it down.  I admit that although I supported the changes in Dove Valley including trading of Cutler, 6-0 was beyond my wildest dreams. 

Last night some friends and I thought it would be fun to go out and catch the game at Chopper’s with a couple hundred of our closest fellow Bronco fans.  Behind at halftime 20-17, I told my hand wringing buddies not to worry because the Broncos will pitch a shutout or won’t allow more than one score in the second half by the Bolts.  The guys in brown didn’t disappoint led by Dawkins who left in the first quarter with a hammy injury.  The offense did its job too by making the necessary adjustments to score 17 after the break.  That was some sweet payback after the Broncos last trip to Shamu land.

Throwback socks were a blur on Royal

Throwback socks were a blur on Royal

It seems like every week a different player steps up to make plays when the team needs it.  Scheff had the second 100 yard reception game of his career, Eddie tied a team record set back in the 1960’s with a return of a punt and kickoff for a touchdown in the same game, and DOOMvil had 2 of the team’s 5 sacks on Rivers.  These guys have been so exciting and fun to watch I’m going to have to go skydiving or free climb the first Flatiron to get my rush during this bye this week!

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Weekend Wrap-up

Posted by The Minkster on October 5, 2009

Best time of year!

Best time of year!

There was too much to make note of after this huge sports weekend, so I’m just going to touch on everything today.  Unless you live in a cave outside of Boulder, you know the Broncos passed their first “test” of the season – as if playing any other NFL team is Powder Puff football.  And if  you are just a passing fan you should know that the Rockies didn’t win the West, but are in the postseason.  What you may not know is that the Rapids missed a chance to clinch a playoff spot, the Roller Dolls are off to Philadelphia, and the Avs remain undefeated.

The Crush is back!

The Crush is back!

Let’s start with Orange Crush Redux.  The Broncos passed their first real test, as the crow eaters are calling it, by beating the Cowboys 17-10 at Invesco Field yesterday.  The vaunted D gave up 10 points in the first half, but after the break shut down the league’s second leading rushing team and sacked Romo 5 times in the game.  After four weeks of competition the Broncos defense is ranked second in the NFL behind the Giants in total yards allowed.  Here’s something I bet you didn’t know, Denver’s running game is ranked fourth overall – just behind the Cowboys which dropped two spots after visiting Mile High.  Just a note to all you season ticket holders that still don’t believe – if you’re going to sell your tickets pawn them off to a Bronco fan instead of a visiting team fan.  It was embarrassing to hear the announcers say there was a large contingent of Cowboy fans in the stands yesterday and you could HEAR them! 

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Local baseball fans finally stepped off Mr. Tracy’s Wild Ride on Saturday night when the Dodgers beat the Rockies 5-0, after a Frankie Morales meltdown in the 7th, to win the NL West.  Colorado had the Dodgers back on their heels and wondering if they made a mistake waiting to pop the champagne in celebration of the postseason until they captured the division crown.  LA celebrated with the So Cal fans, but the Rockies shrugged it off since they had already sprayed their celebratory beverages.  The NLDS starts for the Rox Wednesday in Philadelphia at 12:37 PM Colorado time on TBS.  I’m guessing employers might see a spike in sick days this week or at least extended lunches.

If you have followed the Rapids since the team donned the green and yellow unis, then you are aware that the team hasn’t tasted the postseason since 2006 after six straight appearances.  Colorado could have clinched a spot in the postseason with three points this past weekend, but could only muster another tie.  The team (40 points) is idle this weekend and could be overtaken by New England (38 points) and drop into the eighth and final playoff spot with two games left in the season.  The Rapids have the ability to score, but seem to have gotten cold feet over the last four matches.  They all ended in ties and Colorado hasn’t found the back of net more than once in any of those games.  Get ready for another nail-biting end to a Colorado team’s season with the Rapids visiting Dallas and rival Salt Lake to finish the regular season.

WFTDA Nationals

WFTDA Nationals

For those of you that missed it, the Denver roller derby teams hosted the WFTDA West Regional tournament (Derby on the Rocks) this past weekend, and both Denver teams earned a trip to the National Tournament in Philadelphia to be held November 13-15.  Although the Oly Rollers from Olympia, Washington won the event the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Denver Roller Dolls took the #2 and #3 spots, respectively.  Only the top three seeds from each of the four regional tournaments are awarded a spot at nationals, so congratulations are in order for our Denver teams.  Good luck in Philly!

Again, unless you’ve been hanging out in a tent at RMNP the past week you know the Avs kicked off their season on Thursday (same day the Rockies clinched the WC spot) with a tribute to longtime captain and future hall-of-famer Joe Sakic that culminated with the raising of his number to the rafters of the Can.  The young team was so amped they went out and whupped up on the San Jose Sharks (last year’s Pacific Division winner) by a final score of 5-2.  Then Craig Anderson, the newly acquired 28 year-old net minder hailing originally from Illinois, pitched a shutout (3-0) against the Canucks on Saturday for the second Avs win of the season.  Colorado is 2-0 and leading the Northwest Division!

For sports fans in the Rocky Mountain region it’s another fun and glorious fall with playoff contenders fighting for titles and high hopes for teams early in their seasons.  Let’s hope the Rockies and Rapids can take us on another long wild postseason trip.  Although I didn’t mention the colleges, there is still hope for conference titles and bowl games in the young season.  Who needs a Disney ticket to catch a wild ride if you’re a Colorado sports fan!?

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Bring on the Old Guys

Posted by The Minkster on September 21, 2009

That's what I'm talkin' about!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE THIS DEFENSE!!!!  We all like to see the exciting offensive plays  where a running back breaks off a 60 yard TD run or a receiver climbs the ladder in the back of the end zone for the one-handed grab for six, but defense is smack down time.  Maybe it was the fact I kicked my little baby carrier off the counter and landed on my noggin’ when I was 6 months old or the pent up frustration over the Buffs lack of swagger, either way I love the new aggressive 3-4 Broncos defense!

Any Broncos fan worth their salt has seen flashes of Elvis Dumervil as the sack master in the past, but the Shanny defenses could never keep consistent pressure on the QB and stop the run.  With a very athletic front three that have l since the first ugly 2009 preseason game the rest of the D is free to blitz and pick-off passes.  Big and athletic linebacker Andra Davis leads the Broncos with 19 tackles with 10 of those against his old team (Cleveland) this past Sunday.  Champ and I are both happy that he won’t lead the team in tackles again this year.  There are four DBs over the age of 30 and they are giving quarterbacks fits.  These guys may have lost a step since their early 20’s, but knowledge, anticipation and trust in teammates makes this over-the-hill gang a scary bunch.

Granted the Broncos have Cleveland’s number with 9 straight wins and Brady Quinn is no Tom Brady, but the Bengals are an explosive offense that put up 31 against the Packers in Lambeau.  This defense will be fun to watch and if it can stay healthy will carry the Broncos into the playoffs.

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