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Counting Feathers After Turkey Weekend

Posted by The Minkster on December 1, 2010

Broncos fan for the night

My Steelers fan cousin in Broncos jersey after losing bet.

Now that the Buffs’ painful football season and Hawk era of love are officially over up in Boulder it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of where Colorado sports are as we sleigh ride into the holidays.  Although the only Colorado team to show-up on the gridiron this fall was the Zoomies, it is still the most wonderful time of the year for sports fans.  Let’s take a moment to rate the teams that strap’em on and sweat for our entertainment during this time of year.  One Rudolph means shopping on Black Friday morning at Cherry Creek Mall would be less painful than watching a game, and five Rudolphs mean you would be forgiven if you traded your child’s sold-out-for-months hot Christmas toy for a ticket to the big game.

  • Air Force Academy Football – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Avalanche – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Rapids – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Broncos – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Nuggets – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Football – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Denver Hockey – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • CU, DU, AFA Men’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • DU and AFA Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer

EVERYBODY GIVE IT UP FOR THE RAPIDS – YOUR 2010 MLS CHAMPS!!  I know soccer can be painful to watch in general, but the championship match against Dallas was a great game with the intensity you would expect in a title bout between two scrappy underdog teams.  Show your love next season for the only Colorado pro team to bring home hardware since the Mammoth had a Gait on the sideline by going to the pitch at Dick’s next spring.

No need to rehash football except to congratulate the Zoomies on bringing the Commander’s Trophy back to the front range.  Two wings up boys!  Looks like the best basketball team in the state might be the CU women roundballers, but they have a tough Big 12 gauntlet to maneuver through including a visit from the Baylor Bears – a team that should’ve ended U Conn’s NCAA record-setting win streak a couple of weeks ago.  I’m excited about the new Boyle regime up in Boulder, but it will take some time to recruit and get his system in place.  The Pios are a young hockey team and keep getting better as the season progresses.  Definitely catch a game at Magness this season.

Back to the pro teams, the Nuggets have been banged up but should keep the playoff streak alive with or without Melo.  The Avs look like a playoff team although still very young and have had to make some trades due to injuries, but catch these guys when they are playing like Sacco says they are capable of and they’ll put one up in the W column.  We should see the “A” in the playoffs again this year and hopefully into the second round.  And last but not least the Rox!  They’re playin’ when they’re not playin’, know what I’m sayin’?  With the lifetime signing of Tulo, getting a deal done with Rosey and actively shopping for a big bat the Rockies are more exciting than McKid’s gang on Sunday afternoon.

Dear Santa, my wish list is short this year: Les Miles hired by the Buffs, Melo signs the Nuggets new contract, the Rox bring Adam Dunn to the Mile High City and Bowlen brings on Elway to help McKid with talent evaluation (see John’s success as Crush owner).  What’s on your sports wish list this holiday season?


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Buffs Enjoy Holiday Weekend Elsewhere

Posted by The Minkster on September 8, 2009

Buffs, what happened?

Buffs, what happened?

I must confess, I had high hopes for the 2009 version of the Colorado Buffaloes.  That is until somewhere around 7:00 PM on Sunday night.  Prior to this weekend I figured the Buffs would be 4-0 going into Austin in October, and had on gold tinted glasses when I bet a brew and bragging rights on my bold prognostication.  Not only did the embarrassment of the loss in the annual rivalry game with CSU hit me in the wallet, but it took all the suspense out of the season.  The boys in black looked like they were playing in their first scrimmage together and really didn’t care much about winning.  It wasn’t all their fault, Hawk and his staff were out coached and apparently lost out on the recruiting trail along the way too.

Yes, we all know that CU has no receiving corps to speak of this year and it was made painfully obvious in the first game.  Looks like any team in the Big 12 will be able to cover the receivers one-on-one and load the box.  That should keep the Buffs four quick backs bottled up most of the season.  With an O line that can stand toe-to-toe with the Broncos front, I’m shaking my head watching Little Hawk running for his life when he drops back and our backs running sideways instead of north/south.  The defense is young and mistakes were expected, but the CSU receivers were setting out lawn chairs, umbrellas and sipping frozen drinks waiting for Grant Stucker passes while the guys in black must have been getting the ice.  The backs can’t shoulder all the blame, because Stucker had time to check off receivers twice and eat an energy bar before any D linemen got anywhere close to dirtying his white jersey.

I do have to give the Buffs credit for not giving up and making some key adjustments at the half.  They came out with new found energy and a passing game.  The outcome could’ve been different if Scotty McKnight hadn’t been decked by CSU and lost the ball.  If not for that hit it would’ve been a first down deep in Rams territory instead of the ball going the other way and McKnight wondering what city he was in.  That was a huge momentum shift and CU couldn’t get back into an offensive groove although McKnight later returned to the game.

An announcement came today that Tyler Hansen will try to redshirt this season, which will give him an additional year separation from the coach’s son.  That was the plan last year, but due to injury Hansen had to play.  If Little Hawk goes down again this year we’ll probably see freshman Seth Lobato take the snap from center. 

Toledo put up some impressive numbers through the air last week against Purdue and will be a tough match-up on the road (I can’t believe I just had to type that).  Toledo senior quarterback Aaron Opelt  threw for 423 yards and three touchdowns Saturday in a 52-31 loss at Purdue, so look for another long day for the young Buffs D with only three days to make corrections.

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