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Counting Feathers After Turkey Weekend

Posted by The Minkster on December 1, 2010

Broncos fan for the night

My Steelers fan cousin in Broncos jersey after losing bet.

Now that the Buffs’ painful football season and Hawk era of love are officially over up in Boulder it seems like an appropriate time to take stock of where Colorado sports are as we sleigh ride into the holidays.  Although the only Colorado team to show-up on the gridiron this fall was the Zoomies, it is still the most wonderful time of the year for sports fans.  Let’s take a moment to rate the teams that strap’em on and sweat for our entertainment during this time of year.  One Rudolph means shopping on Black Friday morning at Cherry Creek Mall would be less painful than watching a game, and five Rudolphs mean you would be forgiven if you traded your child’s sold-out-for-months hot Christmas toy for a ticket to the big game.

  • Air Force Academy Football – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Avalanche – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Colorado Rapids – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Broncos – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • Denver Nuggets – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Football – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Colorado Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • University of Denver Hockey – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • CU, DU, AFA Men’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed DeerRudy the Red Nosed Deer
  • DU and AFA Women’s Basketball – Rudy the Red Nosed Deer

EVERYBODY GIVE IT UP FOR THE RAPIDS – YOUR 2010 MLS CHAMPS!!  I know soccer can be painful to watch in general, but the championship match against Dallas was a great game with the intensity you would expect in a title bout between two scrappy underdog teams.  Show your love next season for the only Colorado pro team to bring home hardware since the Mammoth had a Gait on the sideline by going to the pitch at Dick’s next spring.

No need to rehash football except to congratulate the Zoomies on bringing the Commander’s Trophy back to the front range.  Two wings up boys!  Looks like the best basketball team in the state might be the CU women roundballers, but they have a tough Big 12 gauntlet to maneuver through including a visit from the Baylor Bears – a team that should’ve ended U Conn’s NCAA record-setting win streak a couple of weeks ago.  I’m excited about the new Boyle regime up in Boulder, but it will take some time to recruit and get his system in place.  The Pios are a young hockey team and keep getting better as the season progresses.  Definitely catch a game at Magness this season.

Back to the pro teams, the Nuggets have been banged up but should keep the playoff streak alive with or without Melo.  The Avs look like a playoff team although still very young and have had to make some trades due to injuries, but catch these guys when they are playing like Sacco says they are capable of and they’ll put one up in the W column.  We should see the “A” in the playoffs again this year and hopefully into the second round.  And last but not least the Rox!  They’re playin’ when they’re not playin’, know what I’m sayin’?  With the lifetime signing of Tulo, getting a deal done with Rosey and actively shopping for a big bat the Rockies are more exciting than McKid’s gang on Sunday afternoon.

Dear Santa, my wish list is short this year: Les Miles hired by the Buffs, Melo signs the Nuggets new contract, the Rox bring Adam Dunn to the Mile High City and Bowlen brings on Elway to help McKid with talent evaluation (see John’s success as Crush owner).  What’s on your sports wish list this holiday season?


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Rapids on a Roll

Posted by The Minkster on October 1, 2010

This could be a big week for the Colorado Rapids if they can take care of business against the lowly DC United at Dick’s this Saturday.  After crushing Philadelphia at home on Wednesday 4-1 the Rapids moved closer to a playoff berth – something they haven’t experienced in four years.

Omar Cummings

If you go keep an eye on Omar Cummings who has scored 6 goals in his last 4 games and earned the MLS Player of the Month award.  Conor Casey is back after serving a one game suspension, so look for a high scoring game in a cool mile high evening.  Colorado is on a hot streak at home winning the last five games by a combined total of 14-1!   Although the United give the Rapids a run for its money the home team should take care of business with D.C. mopping up October in the cellar with only 18 points on the season.

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Weekend Wrap-up

Posted by The Minkster on October 5, 2009

Best time of year!

Best time of year!

There was too much to make note of after this huge sports weekend, so I’m just going to touch on everything today.  Unless you live in a cave outside of Boulder, you know the Broncos passed their first “test” of the season – as if playing any other NFL team is Powder Puff football.  And if  you are just a passing fan you should know that the Rockies didn’t win the West, but are in the postseason.  What you may not know is that the Rapids missed a chance to clinch a playoff spot, the Roller Dolls are off to Philadelphia, and the Avs remain undefeated.

The Crush is back!

The Crush is back!

Let’s start with Orange Crush Redux.  The Broncos passed their first real test, as the crow eaters are calling it, by beating the Cowboys 17-10 at Invesco Field yesterday.  The vaunted D gave up 10 points in the first half, but after the break shut down the league’s second leading rushing team and sacked Romo 5 times in the game.  After four weeks of competition the Broncos defense is ranked second in the NFL behind the Giants in total yards allowed.  Here’s something I bet you didn’t know, Denver’s running game is ranked fourth overall – just behind the Cowboys which dropped two spots after visiting Mile High.  Just a note to all you season ticket holders that still don’t believe – if you’re going to sell your tickets pawn them off to a Bronco fan instead of a visiting team fan.  It was embarrassing to hear the announcers say there was a large contingent of Cowboy fans in the stands yesterday and you could HEAR them! 

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Toad isn't the only one with a ride.

Local baseball fans finally stepped off Mr. Tracy’s Wild Ride on Saturday night when the Dodgers beat the Rockies 5-0, after a Frankie Morales meltdown in the 7th, to win the NL West.  Colorado had the Dodgers back on their heels and wondering if they made a mistake waiting to pop the champagne in celebration of the postseason until they captured the division crown.  LA celebrated with the So Cal fans, but the Rockies shrugged it off since they had already sprayed their celebratory beverages.  The NLDS starts for the Rox Wednesday in Philadelphia at 12:37 PM Colorado time on TBS.  I’m guessing employers might see a spike in sick days this week or at least extended lunches.

If you have followed the Rapids since the team donned the green and yellow unis, then you are aware that the team hasn’t tasted the postseason since 2006 after six straight appearances.  Colorado could have clinched a spot in the postseason with three points this past weekend, but could only muster another tie.  The team (40 points) is idle this weekend and could be overtaken by New England (38 points) and drop into the eighth and final playoff spot with two games left in the season.  The Rapids have the ability to score, but seem to have gotten cold feet over the last four matches.  They all ended in ties and Colorado hasn’t found the back of net more than once in any of those games.  Get ready for another nail-biting end to a Colorado team’s season with the Rapids visiting Dallas and rival Salt Lake to finish the regular season.

WFTDA Nationals

WFTDA Nationals

For those of you that missed it, the Denver roller derby teams hosted the WFTDA West Regional tournament (Derby on the Rocks) this past weekend, and both Denver teams earned a trip to the National Tournament in Philadelphia to be held November 13-15.  Although the Oly Rollers from Olympia, Washington won the event the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Denver Roller Dolls took the #2 and #3 spots, respectively.  Only the top three seeds from each of the four regional tournaments are awarded a spot at nationals, so congratulations are in order for our Denver teams.  Good luck in Philly!

Again, unless you’ve been hanging out in a tent at RMNP the past week you know the Avs kicked off their season on Thursday (same day the Rockies clinched the WC spot) with a tribute to longtime captain and future hall-of-famer Joe Sakic that culminated with the raising of his number to the rafters of the Can.  The young team was so amped they went out and whupped up on the San Jose Sharks (last year’s Pacific Division winner) by a final score of 5-2.  Then Craig Anderson, the newly acquired 28 year-old net minder hailing originally from Illinois, pitched a shutout (3-0) against the Canucks on Saturday for the second Avs win of the season.  Colorado is 2-0 and leading the Northwest Division!

For sports fans in the Rocky Mountain region it’s another fun and glorious fall with playoff contenders fighting for titles and high hopes for teams early in their seasons.  Let’s hope the Rockies and Rapids can take us on another long wild postseason trip.  Although I didn’t mention the colleges, there is still hope for conference titles and bowl games in the young season.  Who needs a Disney ticket to catch a wild ride if you’re a Colorado sports fan!?

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Rapids Crush Team That Picked Up Their B-Marsh

Posted by The Minkster on July 26, 2009

Most Colorado sports fans probably didn’t know that the Rapids went through their own version of a Brandon Marshall feud earlier this season.  The New York Red Bulls goalkeeper, Bouna Coundoul, made his first MLS start in 9 months last night at Dick Sporting Goods Park.  He couldn’t come to a contract agreement after spending two years as a starter between the pipes for the Rapids and boasting the second best 1.16 career goals against average in the MLS.  So, it was sweet payback when Colorado hammered the Red Bulls 4-0 in the Mile High City last night.

Keeper Coundoul getting ready for match against Chivas USA (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/MLS via Getty Images)

Keeper Coundoul getting ready for match against Chivas USA (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/MLS via Getty Images)

One of the rubs for the Rapids was the team posting a mere 17-22-12 record during his reign and missing the playoffs for the last two years.  Coundoul can’t be blamed for the losses, but the Rapids were looking to capitalize on the late season team chemistry after removing “interim” from coach Gary Smith’s title and making him the sixth head coach in franchise history.   Since the Rapids owned the rights to the 27-year-old keeper, management was no in no mood to pay an exorbitant amount to a keeper still under contract with a only a couple of years of pro experience.  By January the Rapids knew talks were going nowhere and swapped draft picks plus allocation money to the Chicago Fire for goalie Matt Pickens who has had a good year thus far.

Now I must admit my passion and depth of knowledge for MLS soccer and the Rapids is not at the same level as the NFL and the Broncos, but I don’t remember the entire city grabbing the torches and pitchforks when young Coundoul wasn’t between the pipes back in March.  In fact, the story line is eerily similar to Brandon Marshall’s saga that has played out during the off-season with the Broncos without the hyperbole.  Both are young guys that signed with Colorado teams right out of college, considered in the top tier at their positions, and underpaid compared to veterans putting up similar numbers because still under rookie contracts.  That’s where the similarities stop.  Baby TO is constantly having chats with law enforcement trying explain his actions, has asked to be traded because it worked for his buddy Cutler, had injuries under mysterious circumstances, and supposedly has decided his lifestyle and getting married is too expensive to manage without a paycheck so will be in camp next week.  Coundoul hasn’t been in trouble, was called up to the national Senegal team for the 2007 African Cup of Nations, has stayed healthy, and apparently had enough cash to live paycheck free so was able to skip Rapid’s camp and the first three months of the season.

Here is my question to the Colorado sports nation, why all the hoopla over Baby TO and not Coundoul?  I know it isn’t just the Broncos personnel challenges that ignite the ire of local fans as we’ve seen in the recent past with AI, Billups & Camby (Nuggets); Holliday, Jennings, Matsui and Fuentes (Rockies); and Forsberg, Foote Tanguay and Drury (Avs).  What is it that get us all riled up over the big four, but barely illicit an “hurumph” from fans and nary a mention from the lcoal media when it comes to our other pro teams?  Is it that grown men get paid millions of dollars by the big four to play games for a living?  Is it the fact that if not for the ridiculous money paid to some of these guys they would otherwise be mowing your lawn or patching your roof for a living?  Or do you think it has more to do with psychology and our need to be associated with a winning tribe that has widespread recognition?  Could it be that with the proliferation of sports media outlets other sports get caught up in the noise?  Maybe it is as simple as having the freedom to pontificate about a team without ramification?  Maybe there are other reasons.  What do you think?

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Denver Fourth Fizzles

Posted by The Minkster on July 5, 2009

Fireworks went off all over Denver as scheduled last night, but they weren’t celebrating any W’s by our local sports teams.  If you were looking for a game and pyrotechnics last night you had the choice of lacrosse, soccer or baseball.  All our boys are playing pretty well and it wasn’t a stretch to think local fans could get a sweep for an added bonus to July 4th celebrations.  Alas, it was the complete opposite.

Our first place Outlaws played the second place Boston Cannons tight as the lead went back and forth.  It looked like Denver was going to pull out the win after Westervelt scored 3 unanswered, but the Cannons scored late to steal one in Colorado. Okay, 1 down but we should pick up wins in the other two contests in town.

The Rapids took the field with an unbeaten home streak in 2009, a 13-1 record at home on July 4th, and owning Chicago on their home pitch.  The Fire had not won in the Mile High City since 1999.   That all changed last night when Chicago went up 2-0 in the first half and was able to hold off Colorado for the 2-1 upset.  Alright, that leaves our red hot Rockies to pick-up the lone win on our nation’s birthday.

The Rockies, owners of a six game home winning streak, seemed to be cruising along after three innnings with Cookie on the hill and jumping out to a 4-0 lead.  However, the D-backs pecked away and had pulled to within one going into the eighth inning.  That’s when the bullpen, which had such an impressive June, fell apart.  The last place Snakes took a 9-4 lead.  Rockies bats got them back in the game by picking up three runs in the inning, but that was as close as our boys would come.  Jeez, that left local sports fans 0-3 on the night.  And to top it off there were problems with the fireworks at Dick’s Park, so the Rapids faithful walked away feeling like they got the double whammy. 

Oh well, there are still many games left to play this summer and hope  you enjoyed celebrating with friends and family.

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