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Popping the Top in the Foam Dome

Posted by The Minkster on February 16, 2011

If you haven’t caught a CU men’s basketball game yet this year you might want to check that off your list before the Big 12 tournament tips off.  The Buffs are in the middle of the pack and seeding will come down to the last weekend of match-ups, but that isn’t the story.  The 2010-11 version of our Buffaloes is undersized and doesn’t have much experience off the bench, but they line up toe-to-toe in each game with the expectation of winning.  That’s a huge step in the right direction. 

Big kudos go out to Tad Boyle in finally moving the men’s basketball team in a new direction.  He has a team with lanky forwards hitting the boards while the only true center is a freshman coming off the bench.  When the scoring tandem of Higgins and Burks are having an off night other guys step up and throw down needed baskets.  It isn’t just about playing tough D anymore, but playing a complete game on both ends of the floor which translates to wins on the road.  Something CU fans aren’t used to seeing.

I’m excited about Boyle’s first recruiting class next year and the team getting another 12 months to become better students of the game of basketball.  At times this year it seemed that the guys were either tired or didn’t understand what needed to be done at key points in the game.  Knowing when to press, when to push the ball up the floor, how to take a quick shot or hold the ball has been the downfall of this team at times, but you can see improvements in their overall basketball IQ.  There is excitement under the Flatirons and I’m hoping that Burks will come back for his junior year to be part of the excitement.


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Benedict Blue Bombs

Posted by The Minkster on November 9, 2009

Really?! Baby blue?

Really?! Baby blue?

As an alum of the University of Colorado I tend to be a bit biased in my assessment of the young folks walking away from Boulder with a sheepskin in their hands. Yes, I’m an admitted homie. This weekend, however, has shaken my faith in the mental prowess of those graduating from Buffland in the next several years.

A SENIOR (who should know better), started a Facebook blue boycott against the current Buffs football coaching staff.  Taylor Rhode, an


Facebook tampering

 accounting major, wanted to send a message to CU officials by coaxing students to don baby blue t-shirts to the Texas A and M game in silent protest and to show the similarities of the losing teams that wore similar colored unis in the early 1980’s. While I appreciate the historical knowledge of Buff football, Taylor needed to think outside the Rocky Mountain box – like in the direction of southern California.

Taylor, think about this for a minute. Darrell Scott just left in midseason with the expectation that he will follow his uncle to UCLA and the current Bruins coach is ex-Buffs wunderkind Slick Rick Neuheisel. Do you know the colors that the UCLA Bruins wear? It is BABY BLUE and gold!  Unknowingly you made those that played your little dress-up game look like they support a university that could very well have three guys that dissed the institution you and/or your parents are spending thousands of dollars for you to attend!

After storming the field with the lame baby blues glittering brightly in another beautiful Boulder afternoon, hopefully Taylor and his army felt like the hypocrites they appeared to be on TV.  Try just slapping some corn cobs on your head and hitching up your overalls and call it a day next time.

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Buffs Don’t Look Close

Posted by The Minkster on October 3, 2009

Ummm, what's going on?

Ummm, what's going on?

I’ve been watching football games off and on this afternoon while I made some yummy dark chocolate cookies, and can’t help but notice the difference in the skill and execution of top teams around the country versus CU.  I’m a BIG Hawk fan and want so badly for one of the good guys to succeed just once, but I’m having trouble seeing an improvement in the program over the last four years. 

The defense seems to be coming together a bit, but still lacks speed in the secondary and occasionally looks lost.  Brian Cabral will get his ‘backers there like he always does, but it remains to be seen if Hawkins’ move to bring in his long time mentor Bob Foster for a one year stint to handle the outside linebackers will work out.  There’s no doubt that Coach Hawk is feeling some pressure to win and losing Mark Helfrich this past spring to Oregon definitely hurt.  He has had some stability with four guys he brought with him from Boise State still on the payroll, but there doesn’t seem to be continuity with the players.  I feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” with CU fielding a young team that has great potential but little roster depth each fall.

There are challenges being a head football coach at CU, such as intense scrutiny in regards to recruiting, citizenship and academics as a fallout from the Barnett era.  Another challenge is the limit by the state legislature of six long-term contracts that CU can offer at any given time.  That means an assistant coach on any CU athletic team has a better shot at winning Power Ball than getting a multi-year contract.  In contrast, Oklahoma State coaches can get up to a five year deal and Gary Pinkel didn’t lose a coach during his first seven years at Missouri.  Lastly, CU’s facilities now look outdated compared to other Big 12 schools.

2009 Buffs

2009 Buffs

There are some positive things on the field with Speedy Stewart being one of them.  He is sofun to watch!  The offensive line is very young and inexperienced, but we haven’t had big uglies taking up that kind of space since the Mac tenure.  Hawk’s experiment of getting in the trenches and coaching the receivers should hopefully end after one futile season.  Although this position has taken a beating with transfers, grades, suspensions, etc., the Buffs have some young talent that could provide decent targets for Little Hawk and Hansen next year.  CU is also loaded with young guns waiting for their shot at QB’g the team and to put up numbers as if Folsom had blue turf. 

CU fans need to give Hawk one more year to have a Mac-like breakout season, although this year looks like it will be painfully long.  Besides, Colorado can’t afford to buy the guy out!  Heck, they have people talking about privatizing CU to save the state money!  What?!  Anyway, it seems that the powers that be in all of the state supported institutions have addressed this nonsense with the legislature, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Hawk will finish out the length of his original contract in 2010.  Let’s hope his team plays well enough to warrant that two year extension the Regents gave him through 2012.

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