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Let LaLa Make Her Decision in July

Posted by The Minkster on October 7, 2010

Looks like Nuggets fans will have to put up with gibberish about Melo trades until he’s actually traded or February rolls around and the trade deadline passes.  CBS Sports today stated that there is still a possibility of a four team deal with Melo going to New Jersey, but Denver might be asking too much in order for the deal to actually happen.  Really!?!  The Nuggets should take any deal they can get so they don’t lose Anthony to free agency?  How about winning a NBA title with Melo and then LaLa Melo can make a decision to stay or go in June or July (whenever it is the NBA finishes its season)?

The Denver Nuggets basketball team scrimmaged at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield Tuesday night, October 5, 2010. Karl Gehring/The Denver Post

I can understand why a player would want to play in the Eastern Conference because it’s all about stats, right?  Melo should be able to score at will on those nights that don’t have Boston or Miami up on the scoreboard.  Gosh in the Western Conference the teams are tough top to bottom, who wants to work that hard to win?  But hey, if he wants to leave then he’s earned the right to shop his talents on the open market.  But let’s be clear, there won’t be anyone buying billboards to beg the guy to stay or posting a bad rap song on YouTube by Hickenlooper and the Golden Dome Band. 

Personally I don’t understand the logic of getting a bunch of warm bodies and a draft pick (the Nuggets haven’t actually been stellar in this department) in here for Melo just to get something.  We got something – 7 years of watching a fun basketball player.  It makes about as much sense as going on a backcountry backpacking trip with Alfred Packer.  The team hiding out at the Pepsi Center whose name isn’t getting tossed around as a championship contender is a talented group.  The Nuggets picked up a couple of good big men in Williams and Harrington and have a loaded backcourt that can shoot lights out.  Unless the Nuggets can get the second coming of MJ for Melo then keep him and lets bring the first NBA Championship to Denver!  With the collective bargaining agreement expiring, who knows what the next iteration of the NBA will look like.  I would like to see the Nuggets take their chances.


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Every Team Needs a Little Luck

Posted by The Minkster on October 4, 2010

It was a big weekend for Colorado football fans with CU, Air Force and the Broncos posting big wins.  They were all close, hard-fought games and the victors deserved the prized “W” earned after the final whistle.  No sports writer/blogger/sportscaster can take away a win, but he/she can certainly belittle the team and downplay the effort.  What is with everyone ripping our Colorado boys because they didn’t crush the opponent by 50 points?

The Buffs made some mistakes at Folsom Field, but so did the Dawgs.  CU made fewer mistakes and made plays when needed in order to walk off the field as a winner.  The defense was looking for UGA’s staple running play figuring they would use it to run down the clock at the end of the game and they had the right guy in the right spot to make a play when it counted.  Let’s enjoy a big win against a formidable SEC opponent and relish a fun trip down memory lane with visits from the 1990 championship team for one more week.

I thought the scoreboard at the Air Force Academy would look more like a slot machine this weekend with Navy in town but defense ruled the day.  Not only did the Zoomies keep the Midshipmen out of the end zone, but ended a 15 game winning streak by the Middies over its fellow academy brethren.  I’m sure the brisk thin air in the Springs felt thick and heavy to Air Force on Saturday given that this year’s team had the best chance of winning this match-up since the seniors have donned the uniforms.  Again it wasn’t pretty, but the coaches had Jamal Cooks working on his punt blocking leap this year and it paid off big on Saturday.  Time to bring that Commander-in-Chief’s trophy back out to the West where it belongs.

On Sunday there was more second guessing of McKid’s play calling, but again the Broncos made plays when it counted and earned a win.  I’m not saying there weren’t some ugly parts to the game (e.g., special teams and running game), but the Titans didn’t exactly burn up the field either.  Instead of looking at the negatives I’m thinking how good this team could be if they could just get the running game going.  If Orton can post Kurt Warner like numbers for the rest of the season then the Broncos are in position to win the West.  Everyone and their grandmothers know Denver needs to figure out the red zone and how to create space on running plays, so I’m sure McKid will have his coaches bleary-eyed and caffeinated up in order to improve in those areas.  Again, let’s enjoy a tough win over a good team and start copping a ‘tude about our home teams instead of acting like Philadelphia fans.

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Rapids on a Roll

Posted by The Minkster on October 1, 2010

This could be a big week for the Colorado Rapids if they can take care of business against the lowly DC United at Dick’s this Saturday.  After crushing Philadelphia at home on Wednesday 4-1 the Rapids moved closer to a playoff berth – something they haven’t experienced in four years.

Omar Cummings

If you go keep an eye on Omar Cummings who has scored 6 goals in his last 4 games and earned the MLS Player of the Month award.  Conor Casey is back after serving a one game suspension, so look for a high scoring game in a cool mile high evening.  Colorado is on a hot streak at home winning the last five games by a combined total of 14-1!   Although the United give the Rapids a run for its money the home team should take care of business with D.C. mopping up October in the cellar with only 18 points on the season.

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Turn Off Melo-drama and Tune Into Nugs

Posted by The Minkster on September 30, 2010

I’m already tired of hearing about Melo deals and if this past summer is any indication it’s just getting started, so I’m focusing on the three hop along amigos, Smooth and the youngster Ty.  After a disappointing early playoff exit I’m actually looking forward to this year.  No matter whether Melo stays or goes I think the Nuggets are looking at another post season appearance.

Kmart is a dominating player when he’s focused and healthy.  That stretch last year before his annual injury put him on the bench was fun to watch.  Who doesn’t like some in your face smack down playing from the hometown rebel?  Birdman wasn’t the same at all last year, so hopefully the problems were lasered, cut or repaired so he can fly free again.  Not sure what Nene has been doing this summer, but if he is healthy and strong Karl will get him back on track.  Don’t forget about big Al who we picked up a few months ago and I think Balkman is primed for a breakout year.

On to the little guys to which I can relate.  We have a good bunch of ball handlers and shooters that will be hard for any team to cover.  Billups is back in the Mile High City fresh off his gold medal victory at the FIFA’s this summer.  Ty has a new shooting motion that he’s been working on all summer, so looking forward to some big games from him this year.  Afflalo should get some significant playing time and have a big season under Karl’s tutelage.  And last but not least there is JR with his insane lights out shooting that I love to see, but the coaches hate. 

Should be a fun year to catch a Nugs game and if the Melo circus can be kept out in the old Cirque de Sole tent this team has a chance to finish two or three in the West.  Keep your eyes on the Pepsi Center court and earplugs in your ears for another fun ride.

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Helton Deserves to Wear Purple Pinstripes

Posted by The Minkster on September 29, 2010

The Denver Post today confirmed that Todd Helton plans on being back in a Rockies uniform next year and finishing out his contract extension through 2012.  Although he has had recurring back problems Helton is still a better first baseman defensively than most guys out there, which really makes a difference when you got a rotisserie at second and a cannon blasting at you from short.  The Toddster was also putting some wood to the ball earlier in the season before he started to experience back pain again.   

Helton isn’t valuable to the team because he can hit 50 dingers each season, but for the defense, work ethic, team commitment and good at-bats that he brings to the table.  I know most baseball fans don’t even think the game has a defensive strategic side, but most of it’s so subtle the average hot dog eating, beer swilling, scalped outfield ticket sitting guy doesn’t even know it’s happening.  Do you realize that the Rockies broke the team fielding record  

Todd Helton

Todd watching another one fly out of the park


during the miracle 2007 season?  Defense along with hitting and pitching wins games, which is why Todd still a valuable everyday starter in Colorado.  

One last note before I jump off my soapbox and have a Scooby snack, Vladimir Guerrero is the only major leaguer (with a minimum of 12 years under his belt) to have hit over .300 more often than Helton during his MLB career.  Vlady started his career full-time in 1997 for the Expos and has a .300 or better batting average every year since except 2009 when he hit .295.  His fielding percentage average as an outfielder over 12 years as a regular defensive starter was .963, which is way below Helton’s .996 at first base.  Todd has hit .300 or better 11 of his 13 full seasons with the Rockies and was on track to make it 12 in 2010 until the back started flaring up.  By the way, Vlady has been a DH that last two years, so he only has to play half a game each day.  I think I’ll keep Todd around for another couple of years.  What about you?

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Been a Great Rockies Ride

Posted by The Minkster on September 28, 2010

I have to be straight up and say that I didn’t pick the Rockies to win the West as the majority of prognosticators did back in March, but I was as hopeful as all baseball fans were for their respective teams.  Great starts by Uby and Rosey on the mound got everyone excited and the run at first place in the West right before the All-Star Break made it seem like the Rockies first division title was actually within the grasp. 

As all teams experience during the long baseball season, Colorado had some ups and downs and injuries.  With NL West teams so evenly matched it has come down to another exciting September pennant race with the

Tulo swinging for the fences

Rockos mixing things up.  It’s that time of year when Tulo gets cranking and he really had an amazing run at the finish, but with too little consistent help from other bats except CarGo’s and tired arms on the pitching staff it wasn’t enough to punch a ticket for October.  I’m hoping Jimenez can pick-up #20 to cap off an incredible season and CarGo can take two out of three in the triple crown race, but it is all over but the freebie handouts after the last home game. 

Thanks for a great season Rox and some day when I’m telling BS stories in a nursing home I’ll talk about this season and how it set Colorado up for string of World Series runs.  And, how we all got to see Hall of Famers Tulo, Ubaldo, CarGo, Helton, CY Jr. and Dexy all play in purple pinstripes for all or most of their careers.

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Outlaws Handcuffed by Berger

Posted by The Minkster on August 21, 2010

Our Denver Outlaws had a another good season and went into Annapolis this weekend as the #2 seed against a Long Island squad they swept during the regular season.  The two teams appeared evenly matched during the first half of the MLL semi-final game and went into the half tied 10-10.  I’m not sure if the Lizards had some secret woop-ass potion infused into their SoBe’s at half-time or if the Outlaws had a Kardashian in the stands wearing barbwire, but Long Island came out of the locker room with a nasty attitude and determination to win. 

From about five minutes into the second half until the end of the game the Lizards attacked and had the Denver defense running around like a bunch of little girls chasing Justin Bieber.  By the time the fourth quarter rolled around the offense had the synchronization of a pee wee hockey team and was forcing bad shots in an attempt to close the 4 point gap.  With the fire power the Outlaws had this season the second half was a big disappointment, and Denver couldn’t keep a guy in the face of the Lizard’s Stephen Berger who fired five goals into net and recorded an assist subsequently earning him the game MVP award.

Denver fans are certainly spoiled when it comes to the post season as we expect the Outlaws to be there very year, but can we watch the team hoist that trophy up just once?  I’m still a big fan of the orange and black, but will have to wait until January for some redemption when the Mammoth start up another season at the Can.

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Anybody Out There?

Posted by The Minkster on August 12, 2010

Not sure if anyone is out there still listening, but thought I would try to get back into blogging as we start to gear up for the most wonderful time of the year.  You know, early fall when we have pennant races, college football, tailgating, the end of NFL pre-season and my birthday!  Hope everyone has their draft board together for fantasy football and Favre isn’t in your top 20.  Our draft is the end of August, so we won’t know if Brett will be wearing the purple or not by that time.  Glad QB controversy is focused on the land with 12,000 lakes instead of 12,000 footers this year.

Don’t have any rant to share with you today, but have some catching up to do.  Let’s just tick them off real quick as a lead into the weekend.

  • I don’t have a problem with the Rockies not making a move before the trade deadline.  No need to trade some of our rising stars for a guy that may or may not be able to help the team make the playoffs.  Pitching injuries have hurt, plus various injuries to key hitters (see Tulo, Todd and G-Man) have made it difficult to get a run going.  If we can get guys healthy and key pitchers back in the groove (Rosy, Streeter and Jeffy) the Rox can make another late season run.
  • If McKid has any sense he’ll keep Tebow on the sidelines most of this season so he can watch and learn.  Orton should shine this season in his second year in the system, so I have high expectations for the Broncos – even with Elvis not in the building.
  • How ’bout those Outlaws!  Finishing second and making it to the playoffs in Annapolis next weekend.  Those guys have had a great season and hope you had a chance to watch them.  Let’s bring a trophy home boys!
  • What is it with the Rapids at home?!?  We should be kicking butt and taking names in a sport where you have to run up and down a football field for 90 minutes at altitude!  Anyway, with Casey coming back maybe the good guys can make a nice run right into the playoffs.
  • People are totally disregarding the Buffs in Big 12 football.  I’m okay with that as long as the black and gold are playing for the North championship come Black Friday.  Anything less and the lovable Hawk needs to take a hike.  I like the team he has finally put together – a couple of top corners, 2 experienced QB’s, young but fast backfield led by Speedy and a bunch of good receivers.  This team better score some points and win games.  CSU will go down without a fight on Labor Day weekend…shoulder to shoulder we will fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

That’s all I got for today and to quote Rome, I’m out!

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Make Plans for the Motor City

Posted by The Minkster on February 15, 2010

I never thought I would type or utter the words, “I wonder what Detroit is like in April?”  However, you’re hearing it now because the 2010 NCAA Frozen Four will be held at Ford Field from April 8-10 and I fully expect the Denver Pioneers to be representing.  The Pio’s are currently ranked 2nd in the country led by two legitimate Hobey Baker Award candidates, Marc Cheverie and Rhett Rakhshani.  This past weekend they accomplished something no other Denver hockey team ever has by sweeping the Golden Gophers in the regular season notching a 4-0 campaign against rival Minnesota.

Hat trick time against the Gophers!

This team is looking as strong as the 2004-05 club that captured the 2nd of back-to-back NCAA championships.  With only 6 regular season games left (4 in the WCHA) the boys in maroon are 20-6-4, and should win the conference regular season title along with making the NCAA’s even if they get knocked off in the WCHA tournament.  The entire team is red hot right now and Chevy is leading the nation with 6 shutouts and .939 save percentage. 

Not only does Denver need to stay red-hot, but healthy.  Over the past several years the injury bug has hit the Pioneers late in the season and they’ve been dealt some unlikely upsets in the always tough WCHA tourney.  It will take luck and strong leadership by senior Tyler Ruegsegger to get back to the Frozen Four, but this team is looking good.  These guys might not only capture DU’s 8th national title but lose some good young guys early to the NHL.

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All-Star Snub Not So Bad

Posted by The Minkster on January 29, 2010

Chauncey was snubbed by fans and coaches this week when he was left off the NBA West All-Star team.  I know I should be disappointed as a Nuggets fan and staunch Billups supporter in this not so unsurprising turn of events, but I’m really not.  In fact, I’m secretly relieved that he won’t be pounding the hardwood and will instead have those callous laden feet and taxed ankles safely propped up on the coffee table at home watching it like the rest of the NBA fans. 

The All-Star Snub

It's okay that Billups won't play with Melo.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the egos involved in pro sports and it is an accolade many players would enjoy during their playing careers.  However, don’t you think Stockton would trade his 10 superstar games for just one ring?  This grown-up version of the high school homecoming court popularity contest is just another way to make money for the NBA and should be looked upon as a fun distraction versus endorsements of extraordinary skills.  However, my congratulations go out to the Nuggets coaching staff and Melo and I’m proud that the Nuggies are well represented at the mid-season event!

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