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Let LaLa Make Her Decision in July

Posted by The Minkster on October 7, 2010

Looks like Nuggets fans will have to put up with gibberish about Melo trades until he’s actually traded or February rolls around and the trade deadline passes.  CBS Sports today stated that there is still a possibility of a four team deal with Melo going to New Jersey, but Denver might be asking too much in order for the deal to actually happen.  Really!?!  The Nuggets should take any deal they can get so they don’t lose Anthony to free agency?  How about winning a NBA title with Melo and then LaLa Melo can make a decision to stay or go in June or July (whenever it is the NBA finishes its season)?

The Denver Nuggets basketball team scrimmaged at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield Tuesday night, October 5, 2010. Karl Gehring/The Denver Post

I can understand why a player would want to play in the Eastern Conference because it’s all about stats, right?  Melo should be able to score at will on those nights that don’t have Boston or Miami up on the scoreboard.  Gosh in the Western Conference the teams are tough top to bottom, who wants to work that hard to win?  But hey, if he wants to leave then he’s earned the right to shop his talents on the open market.  But let’s be clear, there won’t be anyone buying billboards to beg the guy to stay or posting a bad rap song on YouTube by Hickenlooper and the Golden Dome Band. 

Personally I don’t understand the logic of getting a bunch of warm bodies and a draft pick (the Nuggets haven’t actually been stellar in this department) in here for Melo just to get something.  We got something – 7 years of watching a fun basketball player.  It makes about as much sense as going on a backcountry backpacking trip with Alfred Packer.  The team hiding out at the Pepsi Center whose name isn’t getting tossed around as a championship contender is a talented group.  The Nuggets picked up a couple of good big men in Williams and Harrington and have a loaded backcourt that can shoot lights out.  Unless the Nuggets can get the second coming of MJ for Melo then keep him and lets bring the first NBA Championship to Denver!  With the collective bargaining agreement expiring, who knows what the next iteration of the NBA will look like.  I would like to see the Nuggets take their chances.

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